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"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

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Green Justice endorses Tulsi Gabbard for president

It's Tulsi Time - The Phoenix Unstoppable - Hallelujah

Tulsi Gabbard can see past impeachment. So can Rachel Blevins.

"While Democrats and Republicans bicker during the Impeachment trial and the media acts like they are polar opposites, just remember... These are the same people who magically come together to make sure the gov't can keep bombing countries and violating your rights every year."

Councillors shocked SNC-Lavalin won Trillium Line

Boris Johnson signs Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

Crystal meth in Kamloops laced with fentanyl

Massive protest in Iraq against US Troops

Australia fire update

Armed protest in Virginia

CIA appoints new ISIS Leader

Trump's Ukraine scandal is a farce

Unsustainable: The UN's hidden agenda

Natural gas pipelines are good, Coal exports are not

Season Two of Little Dog in Newfoundland has begun

Stephen Harper opposes Jean Charest. That's why I support him.

Instagram and Facebook removing posts supporting Iran

The Cullen Inquiry into Money Laundering is a farce

Corruption in the B.C. government and the RCMP

Rupert Murdoch misrepresents Australia’s fires

Trolls just wanna be heard

Drug abuse and suicide in the UK

The Democratic Presidential Debate

Opposing Bigotry in the Vancouver Sun

West Belfast shooting, East Belfast arson

MacKay to run for Conservative Leadership

Mexican cop films dying female cartel member

Iraq warns of collapse if Trump blocks oil cash

Worst case scenario is that Trump will serve one more term in office then he will disappear.

We will weather that storm just like we have all the others.

Iran Contra needs to come to an end

A Prayer for Peace

Harry & Megan's Megxit

Addressing the QAnon Cult

Huawei CEP will be extradited

Iran did not shoot down an airliner

Donald Trump is a liar, thief and a terrorist

"The Obama Administration’s attempts to lure Americans into supporting open war with the Assad regime in Syria had failed. Consistent attempts by George W. Bush and Obama to increase tensions with Iran had fizzled. Americans were showing signs of fatigue, FINALLY fed up with the lies being constructed to trick them into being complicit in the banker wars. Trump was a breath of fresh air…but of course, like all other puppets of the globalists, his promises were empty." The Activist Post

US kills Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS

Iraqi parliament calls for US troops to be leave

Armed drones approved for Canadian military

Stand against Corporate Communism

Gang colour ban upheld in Edmonton

Residents oppose open drug use in Kelowna

Hells Angels new clubhouse in New York shot up

Taking responsibility for our own choices

Lawrence sets the stage for the New Year

Yo bro, It's not all about you.

Stand against the Me First Movement

Facing Natural Consequences