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"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

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Three Stooges present in Vancouver court

Kyle Latimer sentenced after plea deal

Jamie Bacon is the missing link

Josh Boden's fatal assault

Curtis Sliwa and Frankie Melvin

Curtis Sliwa and Queen Latifa in the Mermaid Parade

Did Erik Prince assassinate the president of Haiti?

17 Children Dead in India from Covid vaccine

VPD is looking for Damion Ryan

Michael Avenatti sentenced for extortion

CBSA seize 112.5 kg of cocaine in Ontario

Disney turns Captain America into Anti America

Communist China lies while it commits genocide

Slavery and the Freedom of Religion - Independence Day

Defund the police strive to create a federal gestapo

The Three Stooges murder trial has begun

Canada Day: Rising above the Hate

Bill Gates says math is racist

The Vancouver gas fraud explodes

Justin Trudeau defies order, sues speaker

Candace Owens speaks at BLEXIT Birmingham

Lisbon Court Rules 0.9% of verified cases died of COVID

CBC wants taxpayers to fund free fentanyl

Sonny Barger supported Odis Garrett

18 dead in Mexican cartel shootout

Kurt Sutter gets cancelled by Disney

Perpetual witch hunts and the lies of cancel culture

Thousands of Londoners Attend Anti-Lockdown Protest

Whatever May Come - A Motorcycle trip around the world

Hells Angel buys house next door to widow of member they murdered

Montreal police make drug bust linked to Hells Angels

Ottawa police charged in fentanyl bust

Contra Costa Hells Angel dissapears

The Hells Angels Go Corporate

Toronto rapper wanted for murder

Fake News follows Fake Elections

State of the Union: Media bias and censorship

Curtis Sliwa wins Republican primary for New York Mayor

United Protest against the 2022 Beijing Olympics

Alberta Hells Angel found dead in Surrey

US Senate holds COVID Press Conference

Derek Sloan holds medical press conference

Alberta removes all COVID restrictions July 1st

Prostitute and two Hell’s Angels kidnap and extort a millionaire

Nova Scotia Fire Hall shot up by police during mass shooting

Canada’s Border Agency to Create Biometric Identity Office

European soccer and American Hockey full of fans


Gabriel Wortman and the leaked 911 calls

Mesa Mike and the ATF run Humaniplex

The 2021 Summer SolsticeTrilogy:

A Proclamation of Peace - People who Ride - Clay Roueche Rising


Ali's murder trial resumes in New Westminster Supreme court

Where do you think Naseem got the $30,000.00 from?

Missing and Murdered Women Action Plan

Neil Cantrill's Sentencing - Update

Cats and Rats and Elephants

Ginny Burton transformed her life

Residential schools and Sir John A MacDonald

The World Reopens: Lessons from the Falsified Pandemic

Good Samaritan intervenes during New York knife attack

Max Bernier interviews Dr. Hodkinson - Brilliant!


Stan Price and Kids Play: How to save a life

Fatal shootings in Calgary and Coquitlam

Police release photos of Hells Angel targets

Halifax Shooting - Fatal shooting in Nanaimo

Gina Carano in Haywire - the girl's got a brain

Las Vegas and Alaska are open for business


Hells Angels still at the root of BC Gang conflict

Looking at the list, all the hits are one sided

Richmond's Arjan Bhullar wins MMA title

Fatal shooting in Burnaby

Mike Farnworth is a F*ck up

Jaskeert Kalkat shot dead in Burnaby

Prison guard shot dead in North Delta

Shooting at Willowbrook Mall in Langley

A spike in violence: Making sense of nonsense

Fatal shooting at Vancouver International Airport

Portuguese Court Rules PCR Tests Unreliable & Quarantines Unlawful

Why John Horgan is the worst BC Premier ever

2 critically injured in Toronto Shooting

Candace Owens brings reality back

John Horgan's STD Tax

BC's illegal travel restrictions

Fatal shooting in Langley victim ID'd

Devil's Rejects capped a guy in their clubhouse

Francois Gauthier charged in the coal Harbor murder

Dr Vernon Coleman publishes white paper on Covid-19

Dr. Charles Hoffe blows the whistle in Lytton, BC

John Horgan enters the Sleazebag Hall of Fame

The Sun Rises on the Second City

Another Falun Gong Protest in Vancouver

John Horgan tears up the Charter of Rights

Fatal shooting in Vancouver and in Coquitlam

Charter of Rights missing from government web site

10 kilograms of cocaine seized in Brampton Ontario

Kennedy Stewart has become a Sith Lord

Manitoba RCMP seize 81 kilos of cocaine

Riding amidst the snow capped mountians

Hells Angels and Red Devils busted in Ontario

Cherry Blossoms begin to bloom in Vancouver

Vancouver Restaurant Patios are open during lockdown

Texas Rangers fill stands with fans

Easter Police break the Law in Calgary

CNN confesses to motive behind lockdown fraud

Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir: There is No Third Wave

Mafioso busted after being seen in YouTube cooking video

Kelowna RCMP releases identity of homicide victim

Ontario man freed after self-defence shooting

AstraZeneca, RNA, DNA and GMO

Global Lockdown Protest - Kelowna

Bonnie Henry Opposes Science - Ban Bonnie

Warlocks MC Canada Change Patch

Jarrod Bacon released from prison again

Cats and Rats and Elephants - Update

81 hand grenades seized in Ontario Biker Bust

Cameron Ortis withstands yet another slander attack

Dr Kulvinder Kaur faces fear with logic


RCMP officer who committed suicide was pregnant

Woman shot dead in the DTES

Fatal shooting outside Victoria

Adventure 2021: Life is Life - Live it

BC Gang Task Force Lies about Gun Control

Many States dropping masks & Covid restrictions

Crown drops the charges against Ali's shooters

Surrey Six killers convictions set aside

Outlaws move into Nova Scotia

Site C Dam overruns and SNC Lavalin

Nicolas Sarkozy sentenced for corruption

Tom McDonald Canadian rapper from Edmonton

Cross examination of Officer who shot Hudson Brooks

Indo-Canadian Mountie takes her own life

The Driftwood Crips World Tour

World Health Organization profited from the pandemic

Winnipeg Police join BC's profit from crime quest

Surrey RCMP profit from the Proceeds of Crime

US airstrike in Syria sends message to Iran

Fatal shooting in Halifax

Sky News confronts the Reset

Shooting in Surrey caught on video

Ontario Hells Angel shot dead in Toronto

The Freedom of Religion and the Holocaust


BC Judge tosses Bonnie Henry's Overreaching injunction

An Overview of Trump's second Impeachment Trial

Election Fraud and the Impeachment Farce

Global Television: A Comedy of Errors

Hells Angels roll on Driftwood Crips

Fatal shootings in Surrey and Burnaby

Biden and Iran: Balancing the extreemes

Hells Angels informant sues Winnipeg police

Johnson & Johnson's Covid vaccine and simulation

Joe Biden puts Saudi oil First cuts off Ontario & Quebec

Vancouver senior dies after violent home invasion

New Task force in Lindsay Buziak murder investigation

Hells Angels kidnap mans grandparents for lost cociane

Surrey RCMP Officer caught with Gang associates

Surrey Six killers convictions set aside

Yet another fatal shooting in Langley

Tulsi Gabbard understands her oath


China’s Global Threat to Human Rights

Russia Lifts Covid19 Restrictions

Donald Trump is in Exile

Another shooting in Langley

Elections Canada censors Rebel News

Joe Biden invades Syria first day in office

Cocaine in bananas found in Kelowna Superstores

Legal challenge to the US Election fraud was never heard

Janice Bryant's memorial and the double edge sword

Election evidence shows the results were flipped

Canada's $39 Billion Currency Swap With China

Overview of Donald Trump's term in office

Remembering the 2020 US election fraud

Danny Casolaro and the Octpus

CBC faces CRTC for Corporate Content

Joe Biden breaks promise on gun control

Justin Trudeau's double standard on violence

Surrey, Vancouver and Toronto Gang violence

Quebec's Curfew violates the Charter of Rights

Rob Ford declares state of emergency in Ontario

Another Impeachment Facade: Facing the Storm

Donald Trump banned from Twitter - find out why


Fatal shooting in Vancouver - Fatal shooting in Surrey


The Truth is as simple as 1,2,3. Do the math.

Moving forward 2021: Being comfortable in one's own skin

The Bright Side of the Fraud

2020 Overview: A light in the darkness


Hells Angel cocaine dealer's ex wife's house burns down

Justin Trudeau trained Chinese Communist Troops

Bombmaker charged in 1988 Pan Am explosion

CBC lied about Manitoba hospitalization rates

Fewer Canadians died in 2020 than in 2019

Naming and facing the Global Conspiracy