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"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

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Justin Trudeau's double standard on violence

Fatal shooting in Vancouver - Fatal shooting in Surrey


The Truth is as simple as 1,2,3. Do the math.

Moving forward 2021: Being comfortable in one's own skin

Double homicide in Calgary

Two fatal shootings in Surrey

2020 Overview: A light in the darkness


Hells Angel cocaine dealer's ex wife's house burns down

Hells Angels busted for drug trafficking in Romania

Bombmaker charged in 1988 Pan Am explosion

Another Surrey Fatality Identified

Toronto Police seize 106 kg of cocaine & 61 kg of crystal meth

Justin Trudeau trained Chinese Communist Troops

Remdesivir Rises despite the CCP's objection

Fewer Canadians died in 2020 than in 2019

Fatal shooting in Surrey - ID

Ban Bonnie Henry protest

CBC lied about Manitoba hospitalization rates

Clay Rouche's sister died of an accidental overdose

YouTube bans Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Covid test produces 97% false positive results

Pennsylvania Legislature Holds Election Hearings

Dominion Voting CEO is a DONOR to Justin Trudeau

Toronto Lockdown Protests outside Doug Ford's house

Softside Clubhouse searched in Surrey Publicity stunt

CCP Propoganda in the West

More evidence of US voter fraud presented in court

Norm Lipinski becomes Surrey's Municipal Police Chief

Justin Trudeau admits COVID is an excuse for global reset

Pro Trump Rally in Vancouver BC and Washington DC

A Declaration of War: Defy the Lie

Listing the lies to see the truth


Dominion Voting Systems faults and flaws

The Causes and Consequences of Voter Fraud

Mainstream Media lies about Election fraud evidence

Remembering the murders of Mao and the atrocities of Communism

Inconsistencies that point to voter fraud

John Brennan: Mission Accomplished

The ebb and flow of life's political tides

The Bright side of the US 2020 Election Fraud

US Election Results - The CIA steal another election

Larry Amero and West Point - the OxyMoron revealed

Misson Hells Angel busted with 90 kilos of crystal meth

A salute to the patriots during this deception

Surrounded by the colours of Fall

Happy Halloween - Full Moon

A Celebration of Life

The passing of George Wegers

Moving past a morbid Thanksgiving

Fraser Health issues Overdose Alert for Surrey

Canadian Patriot denied right to travel within Canada

Kelowna Hells Angel dies in fatal motorcycle accident

Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to dad

New documents released in the Lindsay Buziak murder

Man shot in Vancovuer holding baby in car seat

Black and Blue on Amazon Prime

The Litas Collective

Listing the lies to see the truth

900 Belgian Doctors denounce lockdown

Ontario Hells Angel murdered was the son of a cop

Thousands attend another London lockdown protest

Large protest outside Chinese Consulate in Vancouver

Kelowna Hells Angel dies in fatal motorcycle accident

Rebel Media on the End CCP Rally in Vancouver

 Dennis Watson speaking at the End CCP rally

Car Rally outside the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver

Yukon Strong exposes CBC's malicious misrepresentation

Nevada reverses decision to block hydroxychloroquine

Candace Owens takes Blexit to Greenville

Thousands protest mask law in Montreal

Bob Green's murderer denied parole

Vancouver anti lockdown protest


Ottawa Gun rights protest - Integrity March


Netflix promotes Pedophilia

Jamie Bacon sentenced to 18 years

Rabih Alkhalil sentenced to 8 more years

Can Curtis Sliwa save New York again?

The New York attitude and political will

Virus plays itself out after 70 days

Listing the lies to see the truth

Fatal shooting in Kelowna

Jamie Bacon's Sentencing

Sweden's New Normal June 2020

New COVID Shirts: Fear is the Virus

Trump considers Edward Snowden pardon

Hollywood Pedophiles and the Reptile Race

BC Politicians need some tough talk on COVID

Candace Malcolm cites mistrust of fake experts

Florida labs caught falsifying COVID test results

Alberta can lead Green Energy with Natural Gas

Rebel News exposes the COVID Con in Edmonton

Bloc Quebecois calls for Justin Trudeau to resign

Surrey Police board proceeds to form a Municipal Force

More Front line Doctors speak out

The COVID Conspiracy

DTES Violence Increasing

Shi Zhengli, China's Batwoman

Ghislaine Maxwell's CIA Whitewash

America's Frontline Doctors back online

Germans protest coronavirus restrictions

270 kilograms of cocaine seized in Halifax

Ontario Hells Angel receives more charges

MSM falsifies COVID Medical press conference


Physicians inform the public about COVID treatment

Drea Humphrey and Sheila Gunn Reid bringing it home

Kayleigh McEnany and the Hodge Twins rip it up

Australia joins military in the South China Sea

White Anarchist shot dead in Texas riot

CBC misrepresents corona numbers

Halifax rally for an inquiry into shootings

A day full of murders at the Vancouver Courthouse

Randy Jones and Gurp Sahota - Fatal shooting in Vancouver

Alberta drug den financially entangled with Notley NDP

Georgia governor bans mandatory masks

Bonnie Henry has lost her mind

Bubble-Wrapped Americans

COVID Numbers are FALSE

Fatal shooting on Hamilton highway

Hamilton Mob boss Pat Musitano gunned down

Woman robbed and raped near Surrey SkyTrain

Main Street violence and drug use are on the rise

Brandi's reopens Orange No 5 shuts down over COVID

BC appeals decision on seizing Hells Angels clubhouses

Jamie Bacon cops a plea so Gumby walks free

Justin Trudeau's WE fraud goes viral

John Horgan says B.C. restart making gains

14 year old boy charged with murder in Winnipeg

The Fall of Hollywood represented in Bad Habit

East Vancouver's notorious kiddie stroll

Use your brain: Stupidity Matters

Hong Kong freedom trampled by Communism

Saanich threatens to sue Gangsters out on behalf of Chris Horsley

US Bombing in Afghanistan reaches record levels

Ron Paul Exposes the Second Wave Fraud


Hells Angels Associate missing in Australia

Winnipeg Police seize 3 kilos of cocaine

Crystal Meth and Cocaine raid in Quebec

Adam Lee Hall reduced to four life sentences

Conservative leadership candidates agree with Leslyn Lewis

Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir

need to be made available to those who want it

Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam Wanted for Murder

Lion Statues stolen from UN grave site

Alberta NDP opposes referendums

Addressing Conversion Therapy

#WalkAway LGBT Town Hall, Los Angeles

ANTIFA thugs crash Vancouver Freedom Protest

Freemasonry and Judaism within a Free Republic

Justin Trudeau loses UN Security Council Seat


Blexit is about diversity and free thought

Trumps Death clock exposes hidden agenda

More voices on Blexit - Freedom & Redemption

UN New World Order website has gone underground

Facebook censors Drea James from Hungry for Truth

Video shows Guardian Angels fighting off looters in NYC

Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation

Jagmeet Singh calls a Bloc MP racist for disagreeing with him

Calls for RCMP Commissioner's resignation are Ridiculous

Bonnie Henry's sappy commercials must come to an end

Candace Owens leads the exodus from Slavery

Defunding the DTES Anarchists and Communists

Errol Gildea is on the run

Candace Owens leads Black Exit


Zoom censors video talks on Hong Kong and Tiananmen

Leslyn Lewis speaks out on law enforcement

Leroy Smith thinking Outside of the Box

Alberta Chief assault misrepresented

Racists and Feminists - exposing the truth

Rex Murphy: when is a pandemic not a pandemic?

Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels confront looters

The Perversion of Justice

Racism in other communities

Anarchists want to defund the police

John Brennan is a professional liar

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Brennan was tied to Project Cassandra as well as Operation Fast and Furious

Hells Angels President convicted of forced prostitution

Hong Kong protesters defy Tiananmen vigil ban

Examining the Murder of George Floyd

The Beatles Revolution - All Lives Matter

Natural gas is clean buring - Industrial Coal is not

Greta Thunberg is a Communist not an Environmentalist

The rise and fall of Winnie the Pooh

Looting in Minneapolis tied to Anarchists

Waste Management Natural Gas trucks in Surrey

Coquitlam Human Rights Movement Vancouver rally

Communist China bullies India, Taiwan, Tibet & Hong Kong

Anastasia Lin speaks on cold war with Communist China

Trump, the WHO and Fakebook's partisan deception

Gangsters out endorses Dr Leslyn Lewis

Dennis Watson speaks out on gun control

Communist China crushes Hong Kong's Constitution

Hells Angel busted for crystal meth in New Zealand

Plandemic censored by YouTube and Facebook


Surrey Lockdown Protest

Kayleigh McEnany rips it up

BC Schools set to reopen June 1st

Mitch McConnell's Communist Collusion

40 kilos of cocaine found on Mitch McConnell's father in law's vessel

Tanzania submits fake COVID-1984 samples for testing

CIA claims China infiltrated RCMP Intelligence

Now is the time for Surrey's own Police Force

Ride Free 2020: National Road Trip Day

Justin cuts a scary deal with China to make a vaccine

The Oath Keepers have exposed the UN's Agenda 21

Anonymous has exposed the UN's Agenda 2030

The UN has exposed their New World Order

Justin Trudeau gives WHO more money

Dana White moves past the Communist Criticism

Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects lockdown extension

A tribute to Nelson Mandela and a Warning to the World

Vancouver opens up while Alberta shuts down

The UN's New World Order is psychotic

Facing the truth about Communism

Bills Gates European Coronavirus patent

Australia arrests mother in peaceful protest

Dr Jeffery Barke speaks out - Sweden was Right

Laura Hollis explains why we don't want Globalism

The Republican Globalists and the Democrat Globalists are teaming up to rule their parties until they become one party, the Communist Party of China.

The CIA's quest for Globalism strikes Edmonton

BC's time line for reopening May long weekend

Surgery Cancellations in the name of COVID

Lessons learned from the Bat Flu

Mr Bill's Communist Revolution

Mitt Romney's secret combination

Anarchists, Communists and Fascists

Mitt Romney & Joe Biden's Ukraine China Collusion

Judgement Day: Parts of Canada reopen for business

May 1st more than a dozen US States open for business

Remdesivir fast-tracked for treating COVID-19

Alberta launches COVID-19 tracking app

Justin Trudeau is a Communist

Don't feed the Fear

Defy the Lie

The Five crushes the View

Australia's COVID-19 Tracking App

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy with Exemptions

Hundreds protest COVID-19 restrictions in Alberta

Attorney General declares Constitution Isn’t Suspended

Rand Paul recovers from Coronavirus and says open the economy

21st anniversary of China's persecution of the Falun Gong

Martin Luther King: Don't sleep through the revolution

Clay Roueche's COVID-19 face masks

Michael Green's official statement on Anthony Fauci

The UN's Dark Agenda: Part One Globalism is Communism

The UN's Dark Agenda: Part Two Communism needs gun control

Rural shooting in Nova Scotia doesn't have a motive

Canada's Deficit to Grow at Fastest Pace of any Developed Country

China arrests protest organizers in Hong Kong

Adrian Dix describes protesters as marginal

Facing the truth about Communism

The Sea to Sky highway is open

Antonio Guterres is a freak


Dr. Phil addresses the new anxiety pandemic

Facebook censorship controlled by China

Clay Rouche launches dynamic T-shirts

Nancy Pelosi is an Anti Christ

Genocide and the director of the WHO

We CAN stop Justin Trudeau and we CAN exit the UN.

Donald Trump wants to reopen the United States May 1st

It's time to Get back to Business

There is a Vaccine. There always was one.

Hells Angel arrested in New Brunswick tied to Quebec

The COVID-19 Mystery has been Solved

Canadian scientist arrested for sending viruses to Wuhan

FBI Arrest Harvard Chemist for ties to Wuhan

Texas prepares for businesses to repoen

Breaking News from Great Game India:

India sues China for COVID-19

How CDC Is Manipulating COVID-19 Death Toll

COVID-19 test kits were contaminated with the virus

Coronavirus Vaccine Manufacturer Accused Of Bioterrorism

Kayaking in Deep Cove at a safe social distance

Premiers oppose Justin's use of the emergency act

Another New Brunswick Hells Angel arrested for drugs

COVID-19 This was only a test - Summer is on it's way

Concerns about Lung Injuries Caused by Ventilators

The WHO and the UN: It's time for us to leave

China Appointed to UN Human Rights Council Panel

Wuhan celebrates launching the global fraud

Clay Roueche's new print on his new blog

Examining more fake news in context

The Orwellian Era has now begun

The view from the Peak of Vancovuer

Facing the Fear Factor with Common sense

Chairman Mao did horrible things

CBS Validates Fake News Acusations

Quebec requests military assistance for what?!

CBS Caught making fraudulent New York COVID-19 Report

Vancouver's cherry blossoms begin to bloom

82 people died from the flu in Canada Jan 2018 while 80,000 died in the US

Sport England chief: Now more important than ever to stay active

D-Day 2020 COVID-19: It's time to storm the beach

US Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Recovers from COVID-19

Budget watchdog urges Ottawa to trim spending

Facing the Fear Factor with Common sense

Halifax is dancing in the face of adversity

COVID-19 Theme Song is a 2020 Remix

Edmonton Police fatally assault Hells Angel rival

Cocaine sold in Dartmouth tied to Oshawa

Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning

Facing the fear with childlike honesty

Naming and facing the Global Conspiracy

Navigating past insanity during the storms of life

Closing local mountains does not improve health and safety

Costco is leading the way out of the manufactured financial crisis

The Iron Curtain Falls on BC Parks

The Queen's COVID-19 message of hope

Social Distancing is not an option. Or is it?

Balancing the extremes on Saint Patrick's Day

Canada keeps borders open for trade and commerce

Homemade recipes for eating healthy and inexpensively

COVD-19 has a 3.4% mortality rate but is much less if you are under 60

Shots fired at Surrey Business

Who shot Dennis Karbovanec?

Chairman Mao did horrible things

Amanda Heard and the Rum Diary

Joe Biden publicly lies about gun control

Addressing the Pandemic Panic and Apathy

Larry Amero wants to retract hit-and-run guilty plea

Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Infiltrate Liberal Groups

Kenny endorses Erin O’Toole as Conservative leader

Working towards a Saanich and Victoria Merger

BC Lawyers laundering drug money

Lindsay Buziack Saanich petition on CTV

Free Wet'suwet'en - Stop the Coup

Justin Trudeau triggers non confidence vote

Kelowna drug bust near the Hells Angels clubhouse

3 Hereditary chiefs who supported the pipeline were stripped of their title

Surrey has been authorized to set up its own police force

Burning tires is bad for the environment

Indigenous leader supports the natural gas pipeline

Communist yells at woman for supporting natural gas

Alberta Court grants injunction, police will uphold the law

Surrey applies for an injunction to evict the Hells Angels

Citizens dismantle rail blockade outside Edmonton

Justin Trudeau makes an impressive recovery

Communists block Vancouver commuter train

Conrad Black on Law and Order

Calls for Canadian Rangers to Keep the Peace

Lindsay Buziack Saanich petition on CTV

David Eby drops the ball on drug trafficking

Mohawk flag raised at democracy protest

People are afraid to speak up about pipeline support

Shirley Wilson sets the record straight

Mob mentality Pipeline Protest hits Victoria

Oppenheimer rape camp needs to be shut down

Natural gas is a step forward for the environment

Ottawa's new light rail is a mess. Could the same happen in Montreal? Yes.

Toronto police admit using secretive facial recognition technology

Facebook updates its controversial facial recognition settings

Tulsi Gabbard
is the one that will drain the swamp.

QAnon is CIA.

" Trump was a breath of fresh air…but of course, like all other puppets of the globalists, his promises were empty." The Activist Post

It's Tulsi Time - The Phoenix
Unstoppable - Hallelujah

Snowshoeing up Holyburn Ridge

Chris Horsley threatened Jeff Buziak

Sheri Ziaee Human Trafficking Update

Bombardier exits commercial aerospace

Rabih (Robby) Alkhalil's trial is under way

Sinn Féin takes the lead in Ireland's election

John Horgan waffles over the RCMP's fake petition

Federal Court certifies another $1.1B RCMP class action

#TomPerezResign trends as he changes rules for Bloomberg

Johnson & Johnson simulated coronavirus outbreak

Hillary Clinton continues to attack Bernie Saunders

Is Surrey First Funding Surrey Connect?

Speaking out against Hereditary Privilege

Port of Vancouver blocked by crack addicts

Understanding the BC Police Corruption Pandemic

New Brunswick Lawyer arrested in Quebec drug ring

47 kilos of cocaine and crystal meth seized in Alberta

Saanich Mayor Atwell's spyware allegations vindicated

Gangsters out attends the Lindsay Buziak Rally for Justice

Ontario Drug Bust tied to the Hells Angels

Ontario drug Bust: 9 kilos of crystal meth seized

BC residents arrested for human trafficking

Memorial Walk for Lindsay Buziak

American mercenaries bomb Yemen

Garden of Eden shut down in Kelowna

Johnson & Johnson ran coronavirus simulation

BC Gang task force going after former associates

Green Justice endorses Tulsi Gabbard for president

It's Tulsi Time - The Phoenix Unstoppable - Hallelujah

Tulsi Gabbard can see past impeachment. So can Rachel Blevins.

"While Democrats and Republicans bicker during the Impeachment trial and the media acts like they are polar opposites, just remember... These are the same people who magically come together to make sure the gov't can keep bombing countries and violating your rights every year."

Councillors shocked SNC-Lavalin won Trillium Line

Boris Johnson signs Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

Crystal meth in Kamloops laced with fentanyl

Massive protest in Iraq against US Troops

Australia fire update

Armed protest in Virginia

CIA appoints new ISIS Leader

Trump's Ukraine scandal is a farce

Unsustainable: The UN's hidden agenda

Natural gas pipelines are good, Coal exports are not

Season Two of Little Dog in Newfoundland has begun

Stephen Harper opposes Jean Charest. That's why I support him.

Instagram and Facebook removing posts supporting Iran

The Cullen Inquiry into Money Laundering is a farce

Corruption in the B.C. government and the RCMP

Rupert Murdoch misrepresents Australia’s fires

Trolls just wanna be heard

Drug abuse and suicide in the UK

The Democratic Presidential Debate

Opposing Bigotry in the Vancouver Sun

West Belfast shooting, East Belfast arson

MacKay to run for Conservative Leadership

Mexican cop films dying female cartel member

Iraq warns of collapse if Trump blocks oil cash

Worst case scenario is that Trump will serve one more term in office then he will disappear.

We will weather that storm just like we have all the others.

Iran Contra needs to come to an end


A Prayer for Peace

Harry & Megan's Megxit

Addressing the QAnon Cult

Huawei CEP will be extradited

Iran did not shoot down an airliner

Donald Trump is a liar, thief and a terrorist

"The Obama Administration’s attempts to lure Americans into supporting open war with the Assad regime in Syria had failed. Consistent attempts by George W. Bush and Obama to increase tensions with Iran had fizzled. Americans were showing signs of fatigue, FINALLY fed up with the lies being constructed to trick them into being complicit in the banker wars. Trump was a breath of fresh air…but of course, like all other puppets of the globalists, his promises were empty." The Activist Post

US kills Iranian General responsible for defeating ISIS

Iraqi parliament calls for US troops to be leave

Armed drones approved for Canadian military

Stand against Corporate Communism

Gang colour ban upheld in Edmonton

Residents oppose open drug use in Kelowna

Hells Angels new clubhouse in New York shot up

Taking responsibility for our own choices

Lawrence sets the stage for the New Year

Yo bro, It's not all about you.

Stand against the Me First Movement

Facing Natural Consequences