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"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

Hiking, Snowshoeing and Kayaking around Vancouver

Korean Winter Olympics February 9-25 2018

Christmas Message from TBM Scandinavia

Christmas Epiphany - Greed

Christmas Peace

A Whirlwind of Christmas Murders:

Shooting in Surrey

Murder in Maple Ridge

Three found dead in Kelowna home

Outlaws President in Florida shot dead

Gavinder Grewal shot dead in North Vancouver

Steve Bragg charged with the murder of Victoria Head

Canadian Generic drug tycoon and wife murdered in Toronto

Mayor's Glutton Council receives a breath of fresh air

Aussie Hells Angel arrested for drugs in Thailand

Charges laid in police murder of Hudson Brooks

Fake poll tries to ban all firearms in Canada

Nationalizing Canada's oil is good for business

Site C Dam proceeds and so does the BC Hydro Fraud

US suports election fraud and drug trafficking in Honduras

The CIA's double standard in Honduras is heart breaking

Juan Orlando HernŠndez: Wanted for Murder

Spotlight on Honduras Election Fraud

Hawthorne Park Fraud Exposed

Infrastructure expert condemns Surrey LRT

Shattered confidence in the BC justice system

Jamie Bacon's Girlfriend dies of a drug overdose

Charges stayed against Jamie Bacon in Surrey Six

Prosecutors to appeal the stay on Jamie Baconís charges

Fall yeilds to Winter - Winter yeilds to Spring - Carol of the Bells

Keep SNC-Lavalin's project overruns out of Surrey

SNCís fraud & corruption hearing set for 2018

Andrew Weaver's position on the Site C Dam

The Devil's Deal for Hawthorne Park

Surrey Mayor Misrepresents the Whole Story

Police protecting drug dealers on the Surrey strip

Taxpayers should stand up for SkyTrain not LRT in Surrey

Luc LeBlanc found guilty of conspiracy to import cocaine

More Manslaughter charges against fentanyl dealers

Bacchus infects Prince Edward Island like a STD

Body found under Edmonton garage Identified

The Edmonton "Attack" and Project Argus

Second Shooter in Vegas Attack

Tunnel fear mongering is false

Edmonton LRT is a bad model

Stopping the Evictions in Clayton Heights

The Vancouver Province Spins for Linda Hepner

Pedestrian wearing earbuds killed by Edmonton LRT

Dianne Watts' leadership bid receives mixed reviews

Dianne Watts runs for BC Liberals - Go Godzilla

Surrey School Board places roadblock to LRT

Gangsters out endorses Andrew Wilkinson

Most Expensive Mistake in Surrey

LRT for Surrey is a bad idea

The Fall of Dianne Watts

David Suzuki speaks at Surrey Rally

Horgan approves public funds for political parties

Durham police officers charged with drug traficking

Boeing vs Bombardier: Another case of tax fraud

Police request delay in legalization of pot

Residents want funding for LRT cut

NDP scrap $2.5 billion bridge

Michael Smyth needs to get a life

Donald Trump creates humanitarian crisis

Burma needs Canadian Peacekeepers

60 year old golfer shot in leg while paying golf

Removing bridge tolls save taxpayers $2.5 billion

Fatal shooting in Chilliwack - a week of violence

Communist China still lying about North Korea

The Garibaldi Lake hike

Vancouver bridge tolls have been lifted

Larry Amero's drug trafficking charges stayed

Save Hawthorne Park and get rid of Linda Hepner

Linda Hepner plans road through elementary school field

The Vancouver Province Nails it once again

Another man shot dead in Surrey

18 year old shot dead in Abbotsford

Targeted shooting in Langley kills two

Woman shot in face at Toronto restaurant

Man killed in shooting inside Toronto mall

Luc Leblanc charged with cocaine trafficking

Police bust a couple of drug dealers on the Surrey strip

Sikh Motorcycle Club protests Surrey City Hall & RCMP

Two busts in PEI keeps the pressure on the Hells Angels

Fredericton Hells Angel charged with possession of drugs

Communist China and the Clintons threaten World Peace

Hells Angels tied to summer of mob violence in Toronto

Imperial Mines renewed attack on Clayoquot Sound

William Majcher exposed Canadian Corruption

A Common Sense Approach to Immigration

New Evidence at the Bacon murder trial

Rising above Hate and Intolerance

Fentanyl drug bust in Calgary

South Seattle's Crack epidemic revisited

Site C: A Dam that is built on sand will not stand

Hells Angels member faces charges after raid at home

Hells Angels associates in court from Langford bust

Whiterock RCMP wakes up and smells the coffee

Agent Provocateurs shall rise again

Shootings in Surrey and Richmond

Vancouver gets third lethal injection site

Lockheed Martin still trying to scam Canadian taxpayers

Site C: A Dam that is built on sand will not stand

North Korea Madness - China is not neutral

The Cronyism of Gordon Wilson

Watch Kill the Messenger

Watch Freeway: Crack in the System

Police chase gang members but ignore drug trafficking

Hells Angels associate firearms sentence reduced

Police protecting drug dealers on the Surrey strip

Hells Angels associate shot dead in Chilliwack

Solicitor General vows to tackle gang violence

Zen and the Art of Civil Liberty

The Fall of Dianne Watts

Over 20 Million Served

Sky Pilot - Finian is Back

Bystander hit in Surrey Driveby

All Good things must come to an end

Hacksaw Ridge - Take Heed of the Dream

Dennis Watson comments on David Giles' death

David Giles was caught on wire stating that not all members of the Hells Angels are involved in criminal activity but anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity must have that activity approved by the local executive. 

Supporting the influx of Refugees in Canada

After 150 years of freedom Canada is no longer free

Surrey has fallen - New York model Abandoned

Fatal shooting in East Vancouver tied to the Hells Angels

Hells Angels associate convicted in Toronto Murder

Father shot dead while holding three year old son

Two good men murdered by shameless drug dealers

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson retires

Sheila Fraser's review of RCMP lawsuits

Victoria police chief resigns

Donald Trump arms ISIS

The Call of Duty

Journalist murdered in Mexico

The Postmedia Genocide Continues

Stingray antenna outside Surrey Pretrial

Tristin Hopper nailed it: Harm Promotion Sucks

6 Hells Angels arrested in Langford

Kamloops turns up the heat

2017 Tofino Summer Jam

NDP wants to scrap bridge tolls

BC Election Results - Korean Election Results

Spotlight on the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea


Renegotiating NAFTA Chapter 11

Domestic violence skyrockets in Edmonton

Prescription heroin will destroy public healthcare

Most overdoses on Welfare wednesday ever recorded

The Site C Dam and the privatization of health care

Ottawa judge stole from Catholic church

Peter Fassbender drops the ball

Reflecting on Easter Morning

Giant Iceberg floats past Newfoundland

CBC confirms Harm Promotion isn't working

Landfill Harmonic - Inspiration from the Hood

Saskatoon judge sentences Hells Angel puppet to 18 years

Harm Promotion is killing small business in Surrey

Another police probe shut down by the courts

Another Judge crushes police probe

Finian escapes like a bat outta hell

Tim Petruk stands like a rock

 The NDP's businss plan for BC

Liberals table bill to legalize pot

Gas fraud rocks metro Vancouver

Chemical Weapons in Syria: Info Wars

Postmedia News folds like a cheap tent

The Hard Way Out: New book about Hells Angel betrayal

Pamela Anderson endorses Julian Assange

Harm Promotion isn't working

Fatal shooting at Langley Hotel

Fire engulfs skyscraper in Dubai

The Launch of the Surrey Now-Leader

Hollyburn Lodge Restored and Revitalized

Another "terrorist" attack in Russia with no motive

Hells Angels pride parade at Devil's Rejects clubhouse

President of Surrey Creep Catchers arrested for assault

The end of the Surrey Leader creates an opportunity

Justice for Hudson Brooks - Cop shot herself

Christy Clark government sued for fraud

Hells Angels Dark Business in Thailand

David Giles receives 18 year prison sentence

The Recurring Deception

Man shot dead in Edmonton

Vancouver Hells Angel Meltdown

Independent Soldier shot dead in Vernon

The Last Don Standing: Inside look at the Costa Nosta

Hells Angels prospect killed on Vancouver Island

Johnny Newcome's chop shop back in the news

Hell Angels rival shot dead in East Vancouver

Brenda Butterworth-Carr takes over BC RCMP

George Christie blogs about prison life

Quebec and BC Corruption

Women's rights in the DTES

Ion Kroitoru: Johnny K-9 is dead

Hells Angel Drug Bust in Belleville, Ontario

Hells Angel associate pleads guilty in Fentanyl bust

Low Barrier Shelters are Nothing to be Happy About

More treatment, less enabling needed in drug battle

Death sentence for killing Hells Angel in Thailand

The criminal history of the Kelowna Hells Angels

David Revell's deportation hearing

The David Giles Declaration

Joey Verma the Omerta

What is the CIA doing in the USA?

Vancouver Rally against Islamophobia

The Dark side of Donald Trump

Women's rights misrepresented

Behind every great man is a great woman.

Behind every great woman is... ah never mind.

Hells Angel charged in Frankfurt gangland shooting

Stop Hillary Clinton's Arms dealing and drug trafficking

CIA's slander campaign takes over Mainstream Media

Christy Clark corruption makes the New York Times

The BC Hydro Fraud represents the other fiscal cliff

Metro Vancouver's Tsunami Warning:

Medical Premiums skyrocket to pay for prescription heroin

Harm promotion pushes Vancouver over fiscal cliff

Families Demand Justice Against Drug Dealers

Fentanyl dealers charged with manslaughter

The world needs a little more Wayne Moriarty

Vernon RCMP implement the New York Model

Operation Deep Freeze: Facing Fentanyl Fatalities

Users overdose minutes after cashing assistance cheques

Larry Campbell speaks out in support of the Devil

Freeze the Tsunami before it drowns all of us

The public expressed their concerns about open drug use on the Surrey Strip in June 2008 and nothing was done about it.

Businesses in Newton complained about drug trafficking in front of their place of business January 2014 and nothing was done about it.

May 2016 the public drug use on the Surrey Strip is out of control. People and businesses are dying at a record rate as a result.

The Front Room and the Lookout are drug houses.

This is not the New York Model.

"Marcus Aurelius had a dream that was Rome. This is not it."