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CIA Drug Trafficking Whistleblower Spreadsheet

Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson cultural exchange

Gangstersout Blog - Contact Dennis Watson

"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

Fentanyl in Fort Mcmurray tied to the Hells Angels

Fatal shooting on Christmas Day

Christmas Struggles

Fort Langley Street Reapers

Squamish RCMP miss the point

Cory Vallee receives a double life sentence

McCallum attack adds in The Surrey Now Leader

Hells Angels secret clubhouse in Surrey under fire

BC Court of Appeal upholds the Terror Fraud decision

Kelowna Independent Soldier busted with crack & fentanyl

BC rejects Proportional Representation for the third time

Gangsters out vindicated by the ghost of David Giles

The Hells Angels sold cocaine out of the Dell Hotel

Seeing the holidays differently this year

Hells Angel murdered in Maple Ridge

Shunning the Alt Right AND the Alt Left

The NDP want a lethal injection site for kids

3 Bacchus MC members sentenced for extortion

State of the Circus: Canadian and American Politics

Fatal Shooting in Surrey - Doug McCallum nails it

Manitoba confronts illicit drugs, BC doesn't

Another RCMP false flag attack in Alberta

The Futility of Complacency

RMMC World Drama

Jimmy Bulger murdered in prison

Transforming Whalley into Times Square

President of the Devils Rejects charged with murder

No Surrender founder gets six years in prison

Larry Amero's bail hearing resumes

A Time for Some Self Reflection

Doug McCallum elected mayor of Surrey

Wake up Surrey on election Propoganda

Setting the record straight

Green Justice is Back Online

Fatal shootings in Metro Vancovuer

Kid gets hit by truck running from police

Victoria Police Chief fired for misconduct

Edmonton cop leaking intel to the Hells Angels

SNC-Lavalin foreign bribery case will go to trial

Tom Gill passes when asked about crime in Surrey

Steven Skinner worked for the Hells Angels and Larry Amero

Wake up Surrey blows the whistle on election fraud

Dianne Watts' attack Poodle bullies Bruce Haynes

Residents criticize Dianne Watts and the LRT

Dianne Watts' dirty deeds done dirt cheap

Surrey Mayor Candidate's Debate

Terror Squad murder tied to the Hells Angels

Find your balance - Lean towards Buddha

The Seven Virtues of Bushido

United for Change Surrey

Larry Amero denied bail


Rachel Notley is a liar and a lunatic

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever Alberta doesn't refine the tar sands bitumen in Alberta and send the refined oil through the existing pipeline to Vancouver. If they refined it in Alberta they could also use the existing pipeline to Chicago and Detroit. It's not our fault Chicago and Detroit kicked Alberta out because of all the petroleum coke byproduct.

Federal Court of Appeal crushes Trans Mountain approval

Two Quebec Hells Angels arrested for Drug Traficking

Edmonton Hells Angel busted for cocaine trafficking

Newfoundland Hells Angel caught with handgun

Hells Angels associate gunned down in Mexico

Charges laid in Edmonton Redd Alert murder

Drake wearing Hells Angels support gear

Doug Ford on legal pot and gun control

Canadian Teacher murdered in Taiwan

Billy Bowden Busted in Alberta

You can't sell drugs forever

Being comfortable in your own skin

Toronto gas price drops, Vancouver rises

Epoch Times exposes Uranium One Scandal

Bringing back the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Unit

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

China executing Christians, Muslims and Buddhists

Doug Elford joins Doug McCallum's Safe Surrey Coalition

Alex Jones Banned from Facebook and Youtube

Uranium One Scandal

God Damn Hillary Clinton

Infowars website hacked - Not

Clay Roueche’s Phoenix Reborn

Clay Roueche’s Combined Combat System

Newton meeting hijacked by Anarchists and Communists


Implementing the New York model in Surrey

Falun Gong Rally and March - Letter from Masanjia 

Doug McCallum steps up with the Safe Surrey Coalition


Jordan Vogt-Roberts' ass kicking

State of the Union - Doug McCallum is in

Falun Gong Rally and March in Vancouver

Gangsters out launches

The Communist takeover of the Supreme Court of Canada

They want to put Hjorth Road elementary on a traffic island

Surrey's Yaletown: Whalley’s World Transformed

The Translink Fraud has become a Criminal act

Canadian Rapper Smoke Dawg shot dead in Toronto

Blaze sentenced to 5 1/2 years for trafficking crystal meth

Just because you're'old, doesn't make you old school

Man fatally shot in Laval had ties to organized crime

The Translink Fraud has become a Criminal act

French Jogger detained by US Border Patrol

Surrey RCMP cleans up the Surrey strip

Clay Roueche's Art Prints

Justin Trudeau: Not #YouToo

Bruce Hayne quits Surrey First

The Book Of Indomitable Virtues

People First Organize LRT Symposium

George Christie takes his story on the road

Punitive Punishment and Equal Protection of the Law

Massive gang violence rally at Surrey City Hall

Tom Gill is is part of the problem

Setting the Record Straight

Weird Hal Porteous is out

Ontario falls to the Dark side

Vancouver rises to the challenge

Firefighters form Florian's Knights

Surrey Businesses want Skytrain not LRT

Skytrain for Surrey Protest at Bear Creek Park

The Green Justice Party has launched in Surrey

Rachel Notley ushers in Corporate Communism

 Surrey LRT costs Soar - Linda Hepner LIED

Fatal Shooting at Langley Gas station

The Translink Tax Fraud Continues

Surrey council does not listen

Skytrian does not impede traffic

Did the Hells Angels execute Reno Lee?

Jagmeet Singh supports the legalization of date rape

Former VPD police officer pleads guilty to sexual exploitation

El Chapo had a .50 cal sniper rifle from Fast and Furious

BC Pipeline Conflict - No Justice No Peace

Israel supports the Syrian Fraud

McGregor Madness

Fraud is what's killing ICBC

Canada expels British & American Diplomats

9/11 Victims Family Members’ can sue the CIA

Vancouver Mayors give themselves a raise

Stiff Gritty freestyles in Surrey

The different meanings of Easter

70th Anniversary of the Hells Angels

Gangsters out is now open for business

US Troops Protecting Poppies created Opioid Epidemic

Corporate media still selling the gun control fraud

Vancouver fentanyl dealers charged in Saskatoon

Vancouver gas fraud burns out of control

NDP Offers corporate tax breaks for LNG

CBC Marketplace exposes fake degrees

MPs arrested at Kinder Morgan Protest

Hamilton cop tipped off drug dealers

Sarkozy detained in Gadhafi probe

Facebook is a tool: Delete the CIA

Departures visits North Korea

Mike Smyth has lost his mind


Political Greed continues in Surrey

There's a New Movement Rising in Canada

Order a copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights

Order a pocket version of the US Constitution

Taxpayers should stand up for SkyTrain not LRT in Surrey

Pedestrian wearing earbuds killed by Edmonton LRT

Infrastructure expert gives Surrey LRT poor score

SNC’s fraud, corruption hearing set for 2018

Surrey Council's LRT - Best Kept Secret

Skytrain for Surrey - Youtube Channel

SNC-Lavalin in the Panama Papers

LRT for Surrey is a bad idea

Edmonton LRT is a bad model

Ottawa spins the gang violence fraud

Hells Angels convictions in the civil forfeiture case

Toronto police admit to using Stingray cellphone surveillance

NDP fail to face the BC Hydro fraud

Jarrod Bacon released early due to typo

James Riach gets life sentence in Philippines

Reno Lee's death was an execution

The Black Panther Rocks the Box Office

Russia wins the Gold medal in Olympic Hockey

Kill the Messenger and Crack in the System now on Netflix

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

Gun Control - The Swiss Model

Riding in Vancouver Snow

A Salute to Mike Ruppert

Is Facebook listening to your conversations?

US Mercenaries hunt down protesters in Honduras

Addicts on the Surrey Strip want to get into detox but can't

Vancouver doesn't need mountain of petroleum coke

Tolls are an unfair burden on overtaxed  motorists

Weird Hal makes the Funny Papers

Donnie McWhirter pleads guilty again

Surrey woman pricked by used needle

Alberta Premier shoots herself in the foot

BC Government wants to seize crime cash

Olympic Committee Refuses to reinstate Russia

Dianne Watts' lapdog chokes on his sour grapes

Hells Angels associate charged in murder of Ashley Chisholm

BCLC spends $7-million on anti-money-laundering software

Montreal Hells Angels Associate guilty of drug trafficking

Surrey Council's LRT - Best Kept Secret

Caroline Mulroney joins the Neo Con

Paris Christoforou: Out in Bad

DTES Crime Crackdown

Reggie Yates: Ice in Australia

BC unveils rules on legalized pot

SNC-Lavalin secures contract for Montreal’s rail

Honduras police chief assisted a ton of cocaine delivery

Gangsters out endorses Andrew Wilkinson

The Good Place: Don't miss it

Retired cop obsesses over pot

Larry Amero busted again in Ottawa

Trudeau bans religion from summer job grants

Dianne Watts and Rich Coleman: The Real Story

North and South Korea march under single flag at Olympics

Where do we go from here?

Stiff Gritty has potential

81 Madchild Diss

Walter Stadnick is a B*tch

Kill the Messenger now on Netflix

Surrey LRT is Infrastructure Nightmare

David Eby's speech on white collar crime

If David Eby and the new NDP government are sincere about their desire to confront organized crime they need to bring back the OMGU and put organized crime under provincial jurisdiction. If they don't do that, all the dramatic fake news will simply be sound and fury signifying nothing. Seizing the proceeds of crime without confronting drug trafficking is just another aspect of the organized crime fraud that we currently face.  

The New York Model was simple and was executed on two different levels. First they launched the Mollen Commission to investigate police corruption. Then they confronted drug trafficking on the street. It was successful. I saw it. That is the model I support.

Another stabbing outside Surrey's lethal injection site

Hells Angels Associate murdered in Maple Ridge

Canadians volunteer at Korean Olympics

Donald Trump criminalizes legal pot

Police Spin Bob Green's murder

Hawthorne Park Fraud Exposed

Spotlight on Communist China

2018 Free Tibet and Free Yourself

Spotlight on the Hells Angels in Thailand

Antagonizing North Korea is Bad Business

Walter Stadnick and Mom Boucher - out in bad

Michael Green and Henk Aflevering No Surrender MC

Outsider and Twista go head to head in Star Warz

Korean Winter Olympics February 9-25 2018

Gangsters out endorses Andrew Wilkinson

I do not support Dianne Watts or Linda Hepner

Mayor's Glutton Council receives a breath of fresh air

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