Newton crime meeting hijacked by Anarchists and Communists

OK so this is what happened at the meeting. People First held a panel discussion on crime in Surrey on July 22nd 2018 at the Newton library and I was one of the speakers along with Rajesh, Stuart Parker and a young lady from an anti poverty group. We were each given three minutes to speak then they opened up the floor to questions from the audience. There was a troll sitting in the front row who claimed she was considering running for a position but had not yet decided which party she was going to align herself with. She was fishing for a sponsor.

First question wasn't a question. The troll expressed her outrage that I had laughed when one of the other panelists was speaking and said that was a horrible way to treat a college. She went on and on about it as though I had done something wrong when I hadn't. I did not laugh at the girl. That is completely untrue. I did not say anything negative towards her. To the contrary, I was going to say how honored I was sitting beside her after I found out she was a survivor from the Communist genocide in Cambodia. I went in there ready to raise my hands and say All my relations.

As the young girl was speaking she starts reading out a chapter from the Anarchists Cookbook calling for the police to be disbanded. I was shocked. I did not laugh. My eyes popped out of my head and I instantly looked down trying to hide my true feelings. I did roll my eyes. Of that I am guilty. However, I am allowed to hold and express my opinions. I did not interrupt her. When someone speaks I am allowed to nod my head in agreement and I'm allowed to shake my head when I disagree. I am allowed to do that and the troll has no right to tell me I am not allowed to own my feelings.

I was completely shocked to hear this young girl go on and on about Communist rhetoric. Her of all people. Why on earth would she preach Communism to anyone after all her family had been though. I was absolutely astounded. Stuart jumps in and said I think it's pretty outrageous that anyone would accuse a survivor of a genocide of being partially responsible for that genocide. After the meeting I shook Stuart's hand and said you nailed it. That is exactly what I was implying. The Anti Poverty Committee in the DTES are Communists. I do not support that. I then left the meeting. Finian dropped the mike.

Stuart's associate catches up with me, hands me his card and says if there's anything you need give me a call. I simply said I will not be doing that again. Stuart nailed it. That is exactly what I was implying with that young girl. Sinister extremists are exploiting her vulnerability and are brainwashing her down a road none of us want to walk down. That's horrible and I am not going to be a part of that.

During the meeting the troll asked several questions and broke the rules of order repeatedly while the moderator did nothing to stop it. During the meeting a Rainbow warrior steps up to the mike and referred to a comment I made about the police's anti gang campaign that consists of a poster with an ex gang member showing off a tattoo that said Free Hugs. He said someone beside him laughed when I said that and the person had no right to laugh. Children need hugs. I've studies this for thousands of years.

The moderator did not let me answer his question so I will do so now. There is no question that young children need hugs. No one is disputing that. I was speaking about the gang problem with a young woman that came here from Greece and she said I think people need to feel loved. Very true. Wise words from an intelligent young woman. Years ago there used to be commercials on TV about the family saying if you love them tell them. They were heartwarming messages with simple yet profound truths. No one is disputing that.

My original comment was simply expressing my opinion that spending money on that campaign to encourage gang members to leave the life is a stupid waste of money. Gang members will take one look at that and laugh at how stupid it is. It will not inspire them to leave the life. Again, I am allowed to hold and express my opinions and he has no right to tell me I am not.

I will point out that he has not studied it for thousands of years like he claimed because he is not thousands of years old. He may have studied thousands of years of history but he has not studied it for thousands of years. That is ridiculous. Before he jumps in bed with the Anarchists and the Communists, ask yourself what kind of Gay rights existed under Fidel Castro? There weren't any. History has recorded that.

That brings us to the inherit problem of having a conversation with Communists and Anarchists. In their mind, they are the only ones allowed to hold and express their opinions, no one else is. During the Occupy movement I frequented the Occupy Vancouver site at the Art Gallery. I aligned towards the 9/11 truthers. They had jobs and were intelligent. One truther in particular would bring homemade beef chili to the site each day after work for all those who weren't vegetarians. One of the guys with a Communist flag got upset with him one day and said that he was not allowed to talk about 9/11 at the open mike because it had nothing to do with the occupy movement. He said yes I am. You're waving a Communist flag. That has nothing to do with the occupy movement. I'm allowed to talk about the 9/11 truth movement. Well said.

The Anti Poverty Committee in the DTES

If you note the picture on the top of this web page you will see that the Anti Poverty Committee in the DTES are professed Anarchists. During recent rounds of protests the Anarchists and the Communists would team up to create violence since that is what they do. When you see black flags and red flags those are Anarchists and Communists. Anarchists want lawlessness while Communists want to destroy civil liberty "for the greater good." Theirs. In Belfast a black flag was simply a way of recording one's dissent. Now it has degenerated into representing Anarchism. Complete lawlessness. No one in their right mind supports that.

My conflict with them came when I was the chapter leader of the Vancouver Guardian Angels right before the 2010 Olympics. You remember the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It was wonderful. Everyone loved them. People from all over the world were here celebrating in the streets. It was a very positive uplifting event that made us all proud. The volunteer smurfs made it all possible but we'll save that discussion for another time.

Before the Olympics the Anti Poverty Committee were using violence to try and disrupt the games for everyone else. They were wearing masks and throwing rocks at women and children who attended pre Olympic events. When I was with the Guardian Angels I said we oppose them. We're here to see a safe Olympics for everyone who wants one. I showed up at an Olympic event at the Vancouver City Hall with an older trainee and my daughter. The APC were there among the crown heckling the speakers. I said to my daughter, you stay with him. He was a big man. I said to him, watch her. Then I went weaving in and out of the crown taking pictures of the trouble makers as I heckled the hecklers.

These idiots kept shouting no Olympics on Stolen Native Land. They were white trash Anarchists wearing masks with a Mohawk flag they bought on EBay. Mohawks aren't from the west coast they are from back east. Mohawks have no claim to this land. Neither do the white trash pretending to represent the Mohawks. A couple of First Nation Elders start to speak and these losers start to heckle and disrespect the First Nation Elders. That's when I lost it. I shouted out Real Natives respect their Elders.

This wasn't freaking Oka. Nobody was building a road on a sacred First Nations burial ground. The three chiefs from the area all agreed to host the Olympics and they were all tastefully represented. These clowns had no right to disrupt that wonderful event for everyone else. There's more to the story but I'll let it rest there. Suffice it to say I have beef with the Anti Poverty Committee in the DTES because defending the marginalized has nothing to do with their real objective. All they want to do is create pockets of lawlessness because they are Anarchists.

That brings us back to the Surrey strip. During the peak of the Surrey strip's lawlessness, the anti poverty groups had protest signs saying Homes not police brutality. They kept trying to provoke conflict with the police like they did in the DTES before the Olympics. Then the NDP called their bluff. They actually gave them all modular homes. Now they are still complaining for one simple reason. They didn't really want homes for the homeless. That was a lie. They simply wanted to create a zone of lawlessness which they successfully did for several years.

They didn't want homes for the homeless. They wanted to create a Woodstock drug fueled party of lawlessness only unlike Woodstock it was no love fest. It was a cesspool of brutality and exploitation. One time I was leaving the Front Room and I saw someone passed out in the grass beside the shelter. He was feeling no pain. All the other creeps were rifling through his pockets and said this is the way we roll in Surrey. Not on my watch I said.

18 years ago that young girl was me

When I sat on the panel at that crime meeting in Newton, Stuart passed me a note and jokingly said "that used to be me" referring to the young girl preaching Anarchy and Communism. We smiled and continued to listen. The sad thing is, 18 years ago that was me. Not to the same crazy ass extreme, but 18 years ago I confronted City council for closing the Front Room on a building technicality. I spoke at City council chastising them for closing the homeless shelter saying I was going to make this an election issue. I've created a web site and a non profit organization called Respect International. I want to know each council members position on this closure.

When the meeting was over my seven year old daughter leaned over and said your time wasn't up. That lady just didn't want you to ask the mayor any more hard questions. Pretty astute for seven years old. As we were leaving, Judy Villeneuve who chaired the meeting got all up in my grill saying that was totally unnecessary. I was like you closed a homeless shelter, that made it necessary.

Tragically, the Front Room was not a homeless shelter, it was a drug house filled with brutality. I met numerous homeless people who said they would not stay there because it was too violent. One Thanksgiving my daughter brought home a second turkey for us to serve the homeless. She didn't want to serve it on the Surrey strip because she was a manager at the Surrey Central Safeway at the time and she was fed up fighting with all the addicts that would come in there to steal things and trash the place so we served it in the DTES at Pigeon corner.

We pulled into an alley and served it out of the trunk of my car. One guy came back and said, this is great it's a real home cooked meal. Can I have seconds? Of course I said. We started talking and mentioned that we were from Surrey. He was like I was in Surrey when I got out of jail at the Front Room. It was too violent so I came down here instead. I thought that was rather bizarre that someone left the Surrey strip to come to the DTES because the Surrey Strip was too violent. He said yeah there if you don't help them give someone the boots, they will give you the boots. I knew exactly what he was referring to.

When we talk about poverty issues and the exploitation of the poor we need to talk about Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic. Ashley was a First Nations women pushed out of a window in the DTES for a drug debt. The police tried to sweep her death under the carpet as a suicide but the community pulled together and held protest marches saying it wasn't a suicide it was a murder. She was screaming when they pushed her out of the window and they threw her shoes out of the window afterwards for everyone to see. It was a warning to the rest of them. Pay your drug debts or die. The same with Janice Shore.

Janice Shore is the patron saint of Whalley. She was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered for a nominal drug debt. She was a user not a dealer. I visited Janice in the hospital on Christmas Day. She had not regained conciseness. Her temple and her jaw had been completely caved in. I wondered what could have caused those injuries. It must have been blunt force trauma.

I placed a memorial on the tree after some First Nation elders place a prayer tie in the branches. Later the First Nation elders set up a tee pee on site and had a sacred fire in Janice's honour. I attended that fire. I spoke with one of the homeless that discovered her body. He was still traumatized years later. He knew Janice and seeing her head caved in like that completely freaked him out. He said her panties were around her ankles and that she had been sexually assaulted before being beaten into a coma.

Years later a sex trade worker contacted me after seeing that picture of my daughter and I on the Dirty. She said she knew Janice. Janice was a panhandler not a sex trade worker but towards the end started working in the industry to pay her debts just like Dianne Rock. She said Janice's body was dumped at that tree to send a message to all the other sex trade workers, pay up or end up like Janice. That tree was where the predatory drug dealers demanded free service from the sex trade workers they sold drugs to.

When a drug dealer on the Surrey strip give drugs to the homeless for free then beats the life out of them for payment after the fact, that is predatory. When a drug dealer gives drugs to a sex trade worker then takes all her money when she gets a trick, that is human trafficking. There is nothing consensual about it. That kind of exploitation needs to come to an end. Natural justice demands it - Finian's Inferno.

Avoiding a Police State

Towards the end of the meeting the Anarchists confronted the panel about their position on hiring more police officers. The moderator asked who said that and looked at me. It wasn't me I said. Someone else is going to have to answer that question. Stuart responds because that was him. The Anarchists were going on about becoming a police state. Stuart was articulate and clear. He said per capita Surrey has far fewer police officers than Delta. I am suggesting we catch up to Delta with regards to the number of police officers we hire. I don't think Delta is a police state. I chuckled. Well said. Stuart went on to say if we were considering hiring more police officers after we have caught up to Delta, then I would say no but we are far from that at this point.

I'm not opposed to hiring more police officers because Stuart is right. Per capita Surrey is far behind other regions as to the number of police officers we employ. I'm just concerned what we do with them. If we hire ten thousand police officers to stand there and watch the drug dealers sell fentanyl without arresting them, then that would be a complete waste of money. If we hired the extra police officers to arrest the drug dealers selling fentanyl, then that would be money well spent. That would save lives on the street.

Proportional Representation

Stuart mentioned Proportional Representation. I do not support Proportional Representation simply because it is not proportional. The only people that want it are the fringe parties because it inverts democracy and gives them a greater voice. If a fringe party only gets 10% of the vote, they should not get 10% of the seats. The person who got the most votes should win the seat. Taking a seat from someone who got the most votes and giving it to someone who got less votes is wrong. That is not democracy. That circumvents democracy and is why I do not support it. Neither does Bill Tieleman.


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