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Dennis Watson has never been charged with child molestation

"I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960

Kelowna RCMP Officer faces sexual harassment lawsuit

Surrey Surrey Boxer in qualifications for the Olympics

Protest against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act

RCMP prepared to shoot Indigenous activists

RCMP Corruption: Reported and Unreported

Fatal shooting in Edmonton Christmas Day

Rappers shot dead in Oshawa and Surrey

Fatal shooting in Cagary on Boxing Day

Gunman shot dead in Texas Church

Outlaws open chapter in Kelowna

Christmas Madness

Another Surrey Fatality

David Bullen’s jailhouse death

RMMC World: Suat Erköse is a fake

Sophon Sek is a Hells Angels Associate

Stan Price and Kal Dosanjh in the Georgia Straight

Jean Charest will run for Conservative leadership

Vancouver's budget raises taxes, Surrey's budget does not

Canadian arrested in Australia with 645 kilos of ecstasy

The Forgotten History of Operation Fast and Furious

SNC-Lavalin found guilty of fraud and corruption

Ontario joins BC's opioid class action fraud

A Father's Prayer for his children

World Leaders react to Brexit Misinformation

Hells Angels meth cook jailed for shooting biker

Chinese government fingerprint all foreigners

Manitoba Hells Angel meth bust results

CSIS Acquitted in Air India Bombing

Police seize two tons of cocaine in Poland

Hong Kong Protest Signals More Unrest in 2020

Drug overdose at Brandon City Manager's house

Hells Angel arrested in Manitoba Crystal Meth Bust

New Book claims Jeffrey Epstein worked for Mossad

Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua: Joshua takes the decision

New Book claims Jeffrey Epstein worked for Mossad

Wally Oppal scams the RCMP transition committee

It's time for Dwayne McDonald to leave

RCMP budget fraud becomes criminal

Creating New Christmas Traditions

Another Hells Angels crystal meth bust in Thailand

Australia Crystal meth bust tied to Vancovuer

YouTube Censorship just got real

Fatal shooting in Surrey: Verron Nand

Conservatives and the Carbon Tax Fraud

Addressing homelessness without promoting crime

GTF scams Throttle Lockers and Brother's Keepers

Surrey RCMP seize 30 kilos of cocaine. Not.

BC NDP applies to profit from Prostitution

Trump signs Hong Kong Democracy Act

Hong Kong supporters rally at Metrotown

Jeffrey Epstein and the Royal House

In Defense of the Royal Family

Why Alberta is considering severing ties with the RCMP

Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Rematch December 7th

Watch Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua Online

Metro Vancouver gas fraud is no mystery

Blaze is still posting sh*t on the Dirty

Breaking Better by Lennox Rodgers

Terminator Dark Fate is Awesome

Remembrance Day Reflections

Vancouver meets Mexico in Professional Boxing

Brother's Keepers gang tied to the Hells Angels

30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum: Endgame


Todd Stone: The ICBC Fraud continues


E Division has Fallen

The RCMP in BC headquarters have no desire to stop crime. They just want to tax it so they can profit from it. God Damn you all. Confronting police corruption was a crucial element of the New York Model. Confront police corruption and law enforcement will take care of itself. How does it feel to wear a badge and be on the wrong side of the law? How does it feel?  It's time for a change in leadership.

Redd Alert Killas supplied by the Cub Pack

Hells Angels Overview: The motive behind Internal Purges

Montreal shooting tied to the Hells Angels

Hells Angel charged in 2016 swarming

Australian Hells Angel arrested in Thailand

Anchorage Hells Angel sentenced for selling crystal meth

Dusty Swanson returns to Edmonton after Greek Murder

Hells Angels and Crystal meth or Ice in Australia

Another Mafia murder in Montreal

Man found shot in Abbotsford

Candlelight Vigil in Abbotsford

Canada 2019 Election Results and Election Synopsis

Fentanyl, cocaine and crystal meth seized in Vernon

Biker associate running for mayor in New Brunswick

Prison sexual assault lawsuit launched

Clay Roueche Updates

El Chapo's son captured and released in Mexico

Colombia’s Ex-President is on Trial

Hells Angels associate shot dead in Quebec

Discovery of man’s dead body in Campbell River

Hells Angels associates charged in DTES shooting

Surrey Police Chief quits trying to stop crime,

decides to profit from crime instead

The Blarney Inquiry has now begun

Clay Roueche interviews Dennis Alexio


Bikers Revenge MC United

Abbotsford cop killer pleads guilty

Clay Roueche paintings on display at Blue Lotus

Catholic Church sued in Kamloops and Pennsylvania

Turkey Invades Syria starts ethnic cleansing for oil

Assad Sends Troops to face Turkish Invasion

Jordan Vogt-Roberts' history of sexual harassment

The last three Hells Angels murders in BC were not rivals

Hells Angels hit Christmas in Vancouver 1995

Are we there yet? We sure are.

Blaze claims the UN killed Suminder Grewal

148 kilos of cocaine seized at the Port of Quebec

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

The BC Government wants to Profit from Crime

Fatal shooting at Surrey gas station

Two more shootings in Vancouver

2019 Kelowna Summer Jam

Finian's Inferno Revealed

Justin Trudeau has lost his mind

Green Justice supports Andrew Scheer

Confronting Climate change Honestly and Realistically

"Coal-fired power plants are the biggest source of human-made carbon dioxide emissions. This makes burning coal the single greatest threat facing our climate. A huge portion of China's carbon dioxide emissions come from burning coal. If we are to stop climate change, then China must move away from coal to renewable energy." Greenpeace

Justin Trudeau pledges zero carbon emissions by 2050

40 drunken teens on Surrey Party bus

Cocaine and Crystal meth seized in Edmonton

Police support injunction to clear Oppenheimer Park

3 BC Men charged with cocaine trafficking in Nova Scotia

Charges dropped against cop who shot and killed Hudson Brooks

Iran did not attack Saudi Arabia

Policing the Vancouver Ports is important

Director of RCMP’s intelligence unit arrested

Steven Skinner sentenced to 11 years for manslaughter

Hells Angels Associates arrested for drug trafficking in Montreal

Double Homicide tied to drug seizure in New Brunswick

Oyster Run in Anacortes September 22nd 2019

Remembering the 9/11 Tragic Treason

In 2001 the Taliban had brought opium production to a grinding halt. After the invasion, Afghanistan once again became the largest opium producers in the world. Stop the Fraud.

Fatal shooting in Aldergrove

Fatal shooting in South Surrey

2 injured in Fraser Heights shooting

Vernon seniors fed up with vagrancy and drug use

Former Kelowna RCMP Officer charged with misconduct

Toy Runs in Vancouver, Fraser Valley and Port Alberni

Oyster Run in Anacortes Sunday September 22

US seize 272 kilos of crystal meth in Canadian cross border ring

Canadian Mining companies wreaking havoc on the globe

The President of Brazil has No Class

New Brunswick Drug Bust

Angel has Fallen hits the theatres

Hong Kong can become a Free State

Walter Stadnick and the Mom Boucher Story

Michael Kramer: Pimping for the ATF

Confronting police corruption was part of the New York Model

The last three Hells Angels murders in BC were not rivals

Hells Angels charged with human trafficking in Ontario

Harm Promotion is not the answer

Police Misconduct Study

"The National Center for Women and Policing cites two studies that found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population." That's four times the national average.

2019 Kelowna Summer Jam

Spotlight on the Garden of Eden

Hells Angel shot dead in South Surrey

Colin Lamontagne sentenced to 9 years

Two Israeli criminals were executed in Mexico

Burnaby RCMP patrol car show with assault rifles

Protests as candidates banned from Russian election

Sailors murder tied to the Hells Angels and Chad Wilson

The Hong Kong memorial wall at SFU is NOT controversial

20th anniversary of the persecution of the Falun Gong

The Bleeding Edge - Human Harvest - New York Post

Dennis Watson speaking at the Falun Gong rally

Michael Kramer: Pimping for the ATF

The ATF has become a Den of Thieves

Mike Smyth's quest for a moral compass

Jack Hundial breaks his campaign promise

Drugs and Hells Angels gear seized in Ontario

Mafia bust in Ontario: Fighting Crime or Raising Revenue?

Alberta Gang Task force seize cocaine and crystal meth from BC

Portugal charges 89 Hells Angels after Lisbon attack

Juel Stanton's son targeted in RCMP Fraud

Ironclad: Protecting the Maga Carta

The Jeffrey Epstein case

Jay Dobyns is no friend of mine

Second settlement in RCMP sexual harassment case

RCMP Officer sentenced to 10 years for cocaine theft and trafficking

Jarrod Bacon's statutory release revoked

Willem Holleeder gets life for five murders

Ontario Hells Angel pleads guilty in Nova Scotia drug case

Temple leaders push solicitor general to let city replace RCMP

Gas companies refuse to reveal profits to Price Fixing Inquiry

Hells Angels responsible for Brother's Keepers violence

BC contracts out gang enforcement to Newfoundland

Modesto Hells Angels president sells crystal meth

Surrey’s dive goes out with a bang

Montreal Hells Angel dies in prison

15.5 tons of cocaine seized in Philadelphia

Kids Play Foundation hosts street hockey tournament

N.B. man sentenced for selling Hells Angels cocaine

BC has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada

ALERT drug bust tied to BC in Project Elder

The Criminal Culpability of Jason Kenney

No Surrender MC banned in Holland

Vigilante: The Curtis Sliwa Story

Hells Angels drug bust in Laval

Trudeau's oil tanker ban bill passes senate

Kids Play hosts soccer tournament at BC Place

Finian's Inferno Unleashed ~ Finian's Inferno Ebook

The launch of Finian's Inferno Web site

Taking counsel from the Dalai Lama

Mistrial in Jamie Bacon's murder plot

10th Anniversary of the Gangsters Out Blog

Gangsters out supports Surrey's Municipal police force

Is Andrew Scheer any different than Brian Mulroney?

Money talks and the bullsh*t never stops

3 kilos of cocaine seized in St John's

The Blarney Inquiry has begun

Jim Fisher's police misconduct

Allen Strong passes away in Prison

Justin Viola, Stan McCleod and Caitlin Bradley

Stan Price and Shane Knox join Kids Play Foundation

Hells Angels associates busted with 3 kilos of cocaine

Erik Prince's mercenaries hired by Communist China

Police shot hostage in Whalley standoff

The Alberta Gas Fraud continues

The 2019 Kelowna Summer Jam

After instigating the Surrey Six, the Hells Angels have hired the Brother's Keepers to bring more violence to Surrey. After the success of Kelowna Summer Jam in 2012, the OMGU was disbanded and the BC Gang Task Force became compromised. That's when they stopped trying to disrupt the Hells Angels drug trafficking.

Now they just want to seize the proceeds of crime so they can tax it in exchange for letting it continue unbridled. The BC NDP have no desire whatsoever to correct the problem. Post Media News has become tainted propaganda. That is the state of the Union.

In response to this colossal cover up, Gangsters Out has launched the 2019 Kelowna Summer Jam spotlighting the Garden of Eden and how an ex cop became a drug dealer and a pimp for the Hells Angels.

Spotlight on the The Hells Angels brothel in Kelowna

Mother found dead in Kelowna Lake

Clay Roueche receives a reduced sentence

Sky Chair on Cypress

Remembering Notre Dame at Easter

Zombie drug K2 shows up in Kamloops

Quebec doesn't want Alberta Tar Sands Bitumen

160 kilograms of cannabis seized in Ontario

Exposing Alberta's lies once and for all

Double homicide in Winnipeg

Western Wind skipper busted again

Jamie Bacon ordered the murder of Dennis Karbovanec

Hells Angels ride in memory of another dead drug dealer

Police target Hells Angels drug trafficking in Quebec

 Fatal shooting in Surrey

Surrey MMA

North Vancouver Shooting

Surrey Shooting outside my crib

55 kilos of cocaine seized in Ontario

The Vancouver gas fraud is out of control

Nine kilos of cocaine seized in Newfoundland

Two more shootings in Surrey after the one in my crib

80th Anniversary of the BC Golden Gloves

Clay Roueche appeals sentence under 782 amendment

Bystanders caught in Toronto police sweep of cellphone data

Hells Angel shot dead in Mississauga affiliated with Surrey

Hells Angel shot dead in Toronto

Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 angle sensor flaw

Gambino crime boss shot dead in New York

1.6 tons of cocaine seized at Port of New York

Credibility concerns in the Hells Angels' Judge

New York cop charged with selling guns to OMGs

The current crisis in Nicaragua is tied to Socialism

B.C.'s plans to expand civil forfeiture unconstitutional

MSM promotes SNC-Lavalin's continued criminal activity

Hells Angels drug trafficking and Prostitution in Spain

Terry Sawchuk film Goalie debuts March 1st 2019

Judge refuses to strip Mongols of its trademark

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars

DK's interview played at Jamie Bacon's trial

Kamloops Drug War Denial

Kamloops shooters charged

Missing Surrey woman found dead

Another double shooting in Kamloops

Laval police looking for missing teenager

Michael Smyth is still peddling the ICBC Fraud

Surrey's new crime problem is tied to the great big fraud

Jamie Bacon instructed associate to kill Dennis Karbovanec

Aspiring to something higher: Dealing with BC Corruption

Hells Angel lawyer complains about David Eby

Conor D’Monte next on the rat pack's set up list

Surrey Six cop admits to sexual affair with witness

Jury orders Mongols motorcycle club to forfeit logo

Hells Angels associate from BC arrested in Thailand

Canada Pension Plan investing in Communist China

Montreal real estate developer shot dead

El Chapo and the Canadian Hells Angels

Kelowna drug dealer sentenced

Two fatal shootings in Kamloops

US Government shutdown insanity

Transit cop shot at Skytrain in Surrey

Murder charges stayed against Billy Ly

Surrey Six corruption cop pleads guilty

Jasmohan Singh Bains cocaine charges coming to trial

Vancouver takes a wrong turn on opioid treatment

LNG Canada consulted with First Nations

Natural gas is clean burning coal is not

Media Misrepresents pipeline protest

Hells Angel on Death row in Thailand

Steven Skinner and Opération Loquace

Pressing Forward in 2019: Getting to Work

Work is the means of all accomplishment.

There is no joy without work.

Work builds self respect.

Canada, it’s time to pay off that debt

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Forgiveness brings Peace - Forgive yourself

New Years Day on Mount Seymour 2019

Drug Treatment in Surrey:

Realistic Success Recovery Society - Phoenix Society - John Volken Academy

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