The Canadian Bermuda Triangle

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The Cocaine Connection: Biker Gangs in Canada

People who live in B.C. cringe when they hear of Biker wars in Quebec. We already have so much gang related violence the last thing we need is a Biker war here. Yet as this documentary points out, much not all of our gang violence here in Lotus land is related to the biker war. There is a lot of speculation about the Triads. Some argue that if it weren't for the Hells Angels, the Triads would take over. Is that right. Well I know a lot of Asians but I don't know any who are involved with the Triads. That is a stereotype.

Living in Surrey I know a lot of East Indians but I don't know any who are involved with the Indo Canadian gangs. I've been to Newton and North Delta often and I've never had a problem with the Indo Canadian gangs or any drug related business or violence. I've been to Richmond and Chinatown in Vancouver often and I've never ever had a problem with the Triads or any drug related business or violence. However, I cannot say the same about Surrey or East Vancouver.

All that cocaine gets turned into crack and that does affect me directly when I walk down the street. Selling crack to kids is a far cry from selling cocaine to doctors and lawyers who can afford it. Yet selling crack to kids happens in public at Surrey central. I saw it and I did see bikers involved including Hells Angels associates or at least those wearing support shirts claiming to be affiliated.

After reading about the Ron Burling disaster, I wondered why the Bandidos are so popular in Australia. Then I realized why. The Australians are not afraid of the Hells Angels. Here in Vancouver we are. It's not respect. It used to be respect but now with the De-evolution of the Hells Angels here the respect has been lost and now they simply rule with fear.

In B.C. the Hells Angels have clearly become the King Pin in trafficking cocaine. The 8   kilograms of cocaine seized in Kelowna and the 52 kilograms of cocaine seized in Surrey was the tip of the iceberg. East Vancouver Hells Angel Jonathan Bryce was sentenced to six years for trafficking cocaine. The judge "noted that Bryce seemed to have access to unlimited quantities of cocaine, selling one-kilogram amounts on three occasions, including two sales that took place inside the Hells Angels clubhouse, and another involving two kilograms." So here we have material evidence connecting the East Vancouver Hells Angels with major cocaine trafficking in East Van, Surrey and Kelowna. Here they have no competition.

When I make reference to the De-evolution of the Hells Angles in B.C. I make reference to their links to massive amounts of cocaine, their connection to Piggy Palace that most all know about but are afraid to speak about on the record because the implications are deranged and far reaching as well as their ability to threaten and influence judges here.

Ron Burling from the Bandidos shot himself in the foot. Twice. Once in a home invasion then again uttering threats in court. Uttering threats on the record build's the police's criminal organization case where all the groups assets can be seized. Including authorizations for .ca domain names. We don't have Bandidos or the Rock Machine in B.C. However, after spending 10 years in the Montreal biker war I'm sure David Giles is still on the Rock Machine's hit list. 

Back to Australia. I think the Bandidos are so popular in Australia because the Australians are not afraid of the Hells Angels. Let's face it. Getting shot by a big guy doesn't hurt any more than getting shot by a little guy and a big guy is simply a bigger target. Look at those free for all WWF matches where they put everyone in the ring and the last one left wins. What happens? Everyone teams up against the biggest guy because he is the biggest threat. In that scenario, the biggest guy doesn't win. Likewise in the street. Big guys are just big targets and the roid monkeys are the first ones to turn tail and run as soon as the guns come out because they are no longer in a position of power and that scares them. Likewise in Quebec. I think the Rock Machine became so powerful in Quebec simply because the French Canadians were not afraid of the Hells Angels like we are here. All the "Je me souviens" nationalism made them more confident than us yuppies in B.C.

Adding fuel to the fire, it would appear that the Rock Machine are merging with the Bandidos to unite against the Hells Angels. Once again we see joining a gang would be like wearing a target. Nevertheless, what we need in B.C. is not more Bandidos and violence against the Hells Angels. What we need is to replace our corrupt judges who are committing treason by letting Hells Angels off either through intimidation or bribes and we need to enact the criminal organization legislation against all three groups in the Canadian Bermuda triangle. Mark my word, enough innocent lives have been lost and enough woman have gone missing.

Criminal-Organization Legislation

Hells Angels and Prostitution

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