Piggy Palace Spotlight

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Piggy Palace was the name of a nightclub on Robert Picton's farm that many "bikers" used to frequent. However, just because someone rides a motorcycle does not mean they have a gang affiliation and there is a big difference between a hawg and a pig. However, with some bad apples it is clear that there is no difference. The trail of witnesses cry out from the grave.

According to the Province, one woman later told them about "the brother Dave, 'You could smell [Dave] before you saw him. He had no respect for women at all.' Bikers appeared at her home before the trial, the woman says, leading her to relocate to another city." Bikers? What bikers? Were they wearing colours? What colours were they wearing? Were they associates or affiliates? What group were they associates or affiliates of? Just how deep does the rabbit hole go Alice? According to the Vancouver Province, "The crowd at Piggy's Palace often included men wearing Hells Angels biker club colours."

Under the heading "I Played Piggy's Palace" a former musician was quoted in the Province as saying "The crowd at Piggy's Palace often included men wearing Hells Angels biker club colours. 'They were there a lot,' said Brian." Pickton's defense lawyer stated in court "I'm going to suggest to you that there was considerable association between Dave Pickton and the Hells Angels." Dave is the brother previously convicted of sexual assault on that same pig farm in 1992.

Picton denied that the Hells Angels were involved but a witness argued that he didn't act alone. Picton's eagerness to mutilate and dispose of the bodies without any remorse was indeed heinous but what about all the other victims? If he didn't act alone repeat offenders tend to reoffend. Where are all the others and who is responsible for them? When will the depravity stop? "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto me." And Moses said, "Let my people go."

"They gave me two choices: a single bullet to the head if I was good or, if not, they would put me through the mincer and then feed me to the pigs."

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