The Hells Angels and Prostitution

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Hells Angels Nevada run brothel

Hells Angels own Amsterdam brothel

One of the common stereotypes of biker gangs is that they are into drugs, prostitution and extortion. Being a motorcycle enthusiast I always sluffed those stereotypes off as nonsense. However, when I saw first hand Hells Angels associates involved with crack dealers at Surrey Central, I was absolutely shocked. Then, when I read about all those cases of large amounts of cocaine being seized from Hells Angel clubhouses and associates in Surrey, East Van and Kelowna I began to do some simple math.

Not too long ago I remember seeing some graffiti on a home that had a house fire on 108 Avenue in Surrey. I don't know if it was a meth lab or not but I do remember seeing some graffiti on the house that said: "Hells Angels Pimp Whalley Girls." I sluffed it off but it made me wonder. If they are involved in selling crack at Surrey central could it be possible they are also involved in prostitution in Whalley? Normally I would have shrugged it off as nonsense but it appears that Pandora's box has been opened and inquiring minds are interested in knowing how deep the rabbit hole goes so to speak. I know, curiosity killed the cat.

Nevertheless... let's Google Hells Angels and Prostitution and see what we find. According to CISC although drug trafficking remains the primary source of illicit income, "the HELLS ANGELS, derive significant financial income from various criminal activities across the country such as prostitution, fraud and extortion." So there we have it, according to CISC the Hells Angels are involved with prostitution. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this but let's cite some more credible references first.

According to the Review Journal, a special agent reported that the Hells Angels "do a lot of prostitution rings that they run." John Ciccone testified before a grand jury and explained about the duties of a prospect that included: "If they want (you) to bring girls back, you have to go find the girls." Then what?

In Oregon, Robert McClure was found guilty of murder. Prosecution claimed he was under orders to kill the woman and her two little girls  from a top Hell's Angels leader named Otis Garrett in retaliation for her testimony against several Hell's Angels in a San Francisco prostitution trial. This is somewhat disturbing. In New York, A leading member of Quebec's Hells Angels has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for the car-bombing murder of a government witness who was about to testify against him. Here we have two cases where Hells Angels were involved in the murder of witnesses who did or were going to testify against them. To me, that spells criminal organization.

However, my point is not the pattern. My point is in the Otis Garrett case in Oregon, a mother and her twin six year old daughters were murdered in cold blood. That doesn't show a lot of respect for women or children. Especially when the murder was the result of testifying in a Hells Angels Prostitution ring. "Several prison inmates testified that the two had talked about their roles in the killings. The inmates said they had agreed to testify for the state because killing children violated their code of conduct." This case is not police propaganda. It is the deplorable truth that clearly, opens Pandora's box. Operation EPandora just scratched the surface.

Leaving the cocaine trafficking aside, let's take a look at the prostitution rings of the Hells Angels in Canada. Getting money from prostitution is one thing as that is the worlds oldest profession so they say. How a PIMP treats his Ho is another. Enforcers are supposed to beat up Johns who mistreat their prostitute. Who were the PIMPS and Enforcers in all the missing woman from the downtown east side murdered on the Picton Farm? Where were their PIMPS and Enforcers to protect them? They were self employed you say? I doubt that. Not when the East Van chapter of the Hells Angels run East Van. If someone else sells drugs in their area, that person gets removed. Likewise if a prostitute works in their area they must pay the piper and pay the toll of the head PIMP in that area. Which would be... do the math.

Speaking of doing the math, there were many more than six women murdered on the Picton farm and many many more dead or missing from East Van. If the Hells Angels run the area and are in charge of the crack and prostitution in that area, and if the duty of a prospect includes doing whatever a patch member asks included bringing girls back for them, who drives the girls back home? Robert Picton? Do they go home in a body bag? If not, where are they?

Don't get me wrong. Owning and operating Tbazs in Surrey appears to be a legitimate operation. However, could it be tied to their other operations like cocaine and prostitution that are not as legitimate? Could it be being used for money laundering? I suppose time will tell but it appears the Hells Angels have worn out their welcome in Surrey.

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