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Spotlight on the Whiteboy Posse



Affiliation Location Charge or conviction
Juan Orlando HernŠndez CIA Honduras Wanted for murder and theft. Tied to the CIA's drug trafficking network in Honduras. He was caught taking money from hospitals and medicine and putting it in his pocket for his own political purposes.
Hells Angels CIA International There are three main criminal organizations in Canada. The first is the Hells Angels. The book Road to Hell accurately describes how the Hells Angels  are using violence to take over the drug trade in Canada. The second group is their suppliers, the CIA. The third is their enablers, Health Canada.
  David Giles Hells Angels Kelowna Vice President of the Kelowna Hells Angels convicted of drug trafficking. He beat an earlier charge when an associate took the fall and according to Neil Hall was implicated in the Western Wind cocaine seizure though no charges were laid. 

He's from Halifax originally and benefited from the spoils of the Lennoxville Massacre. Mike Christianson (Speedy) and Larry Pace (Lars) are his Halifax associates that came to Kelowna from Halifax with him. Larry Place was convicted of murder in Halifax.

David Giles was caught on wiretap claiming no one can use the name of the club for criminal activity unless it has been approved by the local executive.

Ricky Ciarniello

Hells Angels East Vancouver Ricky Ciarniello is the Hells Angels spokesperson for Metro Vancouver. He leads the Naniamo Pride parade commemorating one of their own who was killed for trying to tax the Vietnamese grows.

Ciarniello is one of the original members of the Vancouver Hells Angels that patched over from the Satan's Angels. David Black and all of Ricky's long time associates were convicted of kidnapping and torturing a butler. Simma Holt wrote a book about it called  the Devil's Butler quoting police wire taps.

I quoted the evidence in chapter seven of my e-book. A young offender who could not be named was also present when they sodomized their victim with a broomstick.  The young offender wasn't named but was the exact same age as Ricky Ciarniello.

Historically, the Gypsy Wheelers in Whiterock were fine. Vancouver Satanís Angels always were f*ck ups.


Anthony Terezakis

Hells Angels Vancouver

Anthony Terezakis was a Hells Angels associate who sold drugs in East Vancouver and filmed himself beating the life out of drug addicts who owed him money.

The book On the Farm by Stevie Cameron stated Dave Pickton told reporters that Tony worked the door at Piggy's Palace. The book also states that by the end of 1996 the neighborhood became known in criminal circles as a biker area, one controlled by the Hells Angels. Dianne Rock was gang raped on the Pickton Farm before she was murdered.

When the Missing Women's Inquiry in Vancouver heard the Hells Angels had a grow op on site and were directly involved in the Pickton Farm, Wally Oppal shut down the inquiry and turned it into a panel discussion where he could more easily censor evidence. We never did hear which police officers attended parties at Piggy's Palace.

  Robert Thomas Hells Angels Kelowna Plead guilty to the murder of Dain Philips. He and several others beat Daine Philips to death with baseball bats and hammers. He was a petty thief from Ontario who got his patch in Kelowna. He has been beat up several times in prison since his last incarceration.


  Norm Cocks Hells Angels Kelowna Another full patch Kelowna Hells Angel who plead guilty to the murder of Dain Philips. After punching Dain's son in the head and threatening him over high school drama Daine chased him in his car so he got Rob Thomas and a car load of guys to beat Dain dead in retaliation of his own cowardliness. He has also been beat up in prison after the fact.



Joey Verma Hells Angels Kelowna Joey Verma is a Hells Angels Associate from Kelowna who was convicted of murdering Brittany Irving. He shot her four times with a shotgun slug, twice in the back. He was a known Hells Angels associate and was also affiliated with the Independent Soldiers and the Kingpin Crew both of which were also affiliated with the Hells Angels.

While in prison Joey got a VP Tattoo and was recruiting for the Kingpin Crew before it was disbanded. While he was in prison he continued to traffic large cantos of drugs. He tried to get someone else to take the fall for him so he could continue selling drugs. The court heard evidence he claimed he had to kill Brittany and that he didn't have a choice. He claimed she owed people money for losing all that pot when her clone show was busted.


Donnie McWhirter

aka Blaze

Independent Soldiers / Hells Angels Kelowna Affiliated with the Independent Soldiers in Kelowna has a history of domestic assaults and was busted for selling crystal meth. Also known as Blaze. He was close friends with Joey Verma and bragged about being present when Joeyshot Britney in the back to make sure he got the job done.


Johnny Newcome Hells Angels Kelowna Charged with revining stolen cars for the Kelowna Hells Angels. Copped a plea but was charged a second time so I'm not sure if the plea involves both counts. The Kelowna Hells Angels president had two vehicles he reported stolen revinned through Johnny's chop shop. Two stolen vehicle ended up in possession of the Calgary Hells Angels. Let's keep an eye on him to make sure Johnny be good. He ca revin a car like ringing a bell so he can. Guy's gotta learn a new trade so he does. %0 stolen cars were recovered and The judge said "the sheer number of stolen property and the plundering of the community from Calgary west is absolutely appalling."



Joseph Bruce Skreptak Hells Angels Kelowna Charged with running a grow op in Kelowna as well as assault and break and enter. He was caught speeding through Salmon Arms with a few associates and a car load of weapons, vests, Hells Angels colours as well as a cell phone jammer. Shortly after that the police found an abandoned grow op in Salmon Arm.


Don Lyons Independent Soldiers / Hells Angels Kelowna Don Lyons was with the Independent Soldiers in Kelowna which was affiliated with the Hells Angels. He was convicted of cocaine trafficking tied to the Kelowna Hells Angels. He was friends with Kelowna Hells Angels vice president Lester Jones. Jones was replaced by Giles as VP. After he got out of prison Lyons was charged with assaulting his girlfriend and copped  a plea to uttering threats.


Randy O'Hagan Whiteboy Posse / Hells Angels Lloydminster Randy was charged with first degree murder in the death of  Bryan Gower in Lloydminster. Randy is also faces first-degree murder charges in the death of Bob Roth, of Lloydminster who was decapitated for a drug debt. and dumped outside Edmonton.


Kyle Halbauer Whiteboy Posse / Hells Angels


Lloydminster Halbauer is with the Whiteboy Posse who sells drugs for the Hells Angels. He plead guilty to first degree murder for his role in the Santos shooting and plead guilty to trafficking cocaine. Heís serving a life sentence for the Santos murder. He claims that he and two other gang members had gone to the Santos house to kill a man who had left the gang but they went to the wrong house and Lorry Santos was shot instead. Kyle was charged with first degree murder in the death of   Bryan Gower in Lloydminster.


William Taylor Whiteboy Posse / Hells Angels Edmonton William Edgar Taylor was convicted of murdering Timothy Salsman in a basement in the town of Hayter, near Provost. for a $1,500 drug debt. He refused to reveal where he dumped the victim's head and hands which were never reoccurred by the family. 

Surrey Meth Cook Hells Angels Surrey Ryan was a long time crystal meth cook for the Hells Angels. He was convicted of cooking meth for the Hells Angels but the court implemented a publication ban on the name of the Hells Angel he was cooking the meth for. However, in a subsequent trial Michael Plante testified that Ryan was cooking the meth for John Punko and that Punko didn't want Ryan cooking meth for anyone else but him. One source claims Ryan supplied the Surrey House of Horrors.


Jamie Bacon Bacon Brothers / Red Scorpions / Hells Angels Abbottsford Jamie Bacon is on trial for orchestrating the Surrey Six on behalf of the Bacon Brothers. Jamie Bacon didn't orchestrate anything. He's an ork not a businessman. He is not the brains of that operation. He did however, try to extort Cory Lal for selling drugs on "their' turf. The Bacon brothers were from Abbottsford not Surrey. It was someone else's turf he was collecting for.

The Bacon brothers used to be members of the UN until they broke off and went on their "own." However, they didn't have the contacts the UN did so "someone" else had to be supplying and empowering them. Before the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions were affiliated with the UN. After the Surrey Six the RS were affiliated with the Hells Angels. Do the math.

Larry Amero Hells Angels Whiterock / Surrey Girls Larry had a drug conviction long before the Surrey Six (March 2000). Larry was friends with Jonathon Bacon long before the Surrey Six. Larry just came out of the closet with his support of Jonathon Bacon when they were shot in Kelowna. He was denying it prior to that.

Larry was not acting on his own by supporting the Bacon Brothers. Spike's niece was in Kelowna showing Spike's support just like his other nice was showing support of Barry Espadilla and James Raich in the Philippines. After Kelowna Larry was busted in two other huge drug rings tied to the Hells Angels. One in Montreal and the other in Australia. If he was acting on his own in Kelowna, the club would not have kept him doing club business in two other huge rings.


Chad Wilson Hells Angels Haney / San Diego Chad is a full patch member of the Hells Angels from the Haney chapter and is formally from the San Diego chapter. He was caught along with Jason Arkinstall from the Mission chapter and two other associates in a huge cocaine bust in Spain. The paid a fine and were extradited without serving their sentence.


Otis (Buck) Garret Hells Angels Oakland Otis was convicted of running a prostitution ring for the Hells Angels in San Francisco called the Love Nest. After he conviction he was later also convicted of ordering the hit on the witness who testified against him and her twin seven year old daughters.



Frank Hanebuth


Hells Angels Germany

Arrested along with 24 other members of the Hells Angels in Germany and Spain for drug trafficking, trafficking in humans, extortion and running prostitution rings. This guy is as low as you can go. You can't get any farther down the food chain than that. He gets kicked out of Germany then hides in Spain and threatens tourists' families and women into prostitution. Even his picture smells bad. He stinks.

Larry Campbell

Pharmaceutical Pimp Canada Larry Campbell has joined Mike Duffy's counsel of gluttons and is now promoting a colossal Pharmaceutical scam that will bankrupt and privatize the Canadian public health care system.
Health Canada Drug promotion Canada Health Canada is not concerned with promoting health in Canada. It is concerned with promoting the drug trade and the pharmaceutical scams that profit from and  enable it. They promote handing out free crack pipes, the complete abuse of the methadone program, have now allowed doctors to prescribe heroin and enslave taxayers forever.
Oliver North CIA USA Oliver North was the fall guy for Iran contra. During the trial he said "I was authorized to do everything that I did." Indeed he was. Manuel Noriega smuggled cocaine for Oliver North and the CIA. They threw Noriega in jail and gave Oliver North a job at Fox News.

Former US Navy intelligence officer Al Martin said Oliver North met with the president of the Hells Angels to recruit the Hell Angels into distributing cocaine for the CIA during Iran contra. The president at the time was Jim Delashmit who is now a preacher.
  CSIS Government Canada Without question. CSIS is the largest criminal organization in Canada that loses billions of tax dollars from it's budget on a regular basis. CSIS provided the explosives for the Air India bombing and still have yet to be charged in that heinous murder. In 1989 CSIS founded the Heritage Front.

CSIS' American affiliate, the CIA, has been actively engaged in drug trafficking since the Vietnam war. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Gary Webb was right - Iran Contra never stopped. When Kennedy warned us about secret societies he wasn't talking about the Free Masons. He was talking about the CIA. Their mandate is murder to get gain.

Barry Seal CIA USA Barry Seal was a drug smuggling kingpin for the CIA who worked out of Mena Arkansas. That drug trafficking network was confirmed by Chip Tatum. Tom Cruise will be playing Barry Seal in the movie Mena due to be released in 2017. Dennis Hopper played Barry Seal in the 1991 television movie Double- crossed.
Paul Lir Alexander Mossad Brazil Paul Lir Alexander was a convicted cocaine kingpin for Mossad working out of Brazil. In 1982 he worked for Mossad with Oliver North out of Nicaragua part of Iran contra. He worked alongside CIA agents who were getting cocaine from Pablo Escobar through General Manuel Noriega and smuggling it into the USA for sale to street gangs on the East and West Coast
Eric Prince Blackwater USA / UAE Eric Prince created a private military company called Blackwater and tried to encourge a new Crusade against Muslims. After being acused of war crimes in Iraq, arms dealing and murdering whistleblowers, he went to the United Arab Emirates and created a private mercenary army for them. Now he's working for Comunist China.  Forbes has declared: We created a monster.
Allen Dulles CIA USA Allen Dules was the Director of the CIA who proposed and approved Operatoin Northwoods before Kennedy vetoed it. He worked closely with the Bush family and help hide their business dealings with Nazi Germany during the war. He was in charge of Operation 40 which was a CIA asasignation team. Long time CIA drug traficker Barry Seal was a member of that team.

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