Lost in Never Never Land

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Some Kids just never grow up

Never mind Lotus Land. The Lower mainland has become Never Never land. Remember when Robin Williams played Peter Pan in the movie Hook? He returns to Never Never Land as an adult and finds all the boys are still boys doing the same old things. In a way that was how I felt returning to Surrey after traveling for a few years. The same guys were doing the same drugs going to the same parties listening to the same head banger music. The only difference was now they were older and had kids. Somewhere along the line someone forgot to tell them they were supposed to grow up.

That is my assessment of all this gang violence in Surrey and Vancouver. These are just kids who never grew up. Think about it. UN, Bandidios, Finks, Hells Angels... all fighting with each other. Holy cigarettes Batman, do you have any idea how stupid that sounds? Why on earth would a group of grown men form a gang and call themselves Finks? That's like tattooing Rat on your forehead. In North America a Fink is someone who rats someone out for something. It must be different in Australia. Kinda like how in England a Fag is a cigarette.

Anyways, Youth gangs used to be for youth thus the name. Adults running around with all this toxic childishness is down right embarrassing. I realize it's all about the money and selling drugs but it really looks dumb when you think about it. I heard on the radio the other day them talking about what various items on your desk at work meant. If you have pictures of family, that meant you were trustworthy and not afraid to commit. But if you had a troll with fuzzy hair it meant you catch on to fads 13 years too late.

Remember that old movie about gangs in New York called the Warriors? Gangs in New York now are just plain out of style. Why do we have to hang on to old fads long after they've served their purpose? That's like brining back the /70's. Please don't. That was an era that time should have forgot.

Let's take a look at the Hells Angel in Australia case(s). Here we have a guy who is in a bar and starts pulling a girls hair. If that's not girly I don't know what is. Then we have a guy at the bar interject: "That's not on." Can't you just see Mic Dundee step up to the plate and confront the weasel by explaining that simply is not on. Later that day Chris Hudson was seen dragging a friend of that same female screaming from a taxi. She told police that he had broken her nose twice before.

A witness from the building confirmed the account and said: "I stood up and looked out the window and this guy had the woman by the ear, holding her down. She was screaming." A lawyer and a back packer from Amsterdam comes to her aid so he pulls out a gun and shoots all three. Killing the lawyer, wounding the woman and the back packer.

Earlier at the bar, "Closed-circuit television footage captured much of the violence that preceded the shooting. It shows a man picking up the dancer by the hair, hurling her onto King Street and throwing her suitcase, handbag and make-up kit at her head. As she tries to get to her feet, she is kicked in the head and appears to fall unconscious. Minutes later, Ms Douglas is seen walking down the stairs and finding her friend prone on the pavement."

Don't forget convicted Pimp and San Francisco Hells Angel Otis Garrett ordering the murder of a mother and her twin seven year old daughters for her testimony against him and several Hells Angels in a San Francisco prostitution trial. Inmates broke the silence and agreed to testify in that case because killing children violated their code of conduct. That's like Anakin falling to the dark side and murdering all the younglings.

Can you see the pattern? There is nothing manly or heroic about beating women. Two days later the Hells Angels clubhouse in Australia was bombed. Yet the Chris Hudson's unmanliness was nothing compared to the other Australian Hells Angel who lead a group of deranged pigs in the rape and torture of another woman for five days. This has frighteningly too many similarities with Piggy's Palace and spells one thing: deranged. There is absolutely nothing there to be admired or respected. Nothing at all. There is nothing manly in any of that at all.

There used to be a stereotype that one Hells Angels could take on eight grown men. Now the stereotype is eight Hells Angels will jump you if you look at one of them the wrong way. Can't you just hear Chris Tucker from Rush Hour say "Fight me like a man." Yeah right, keep on dreaming.

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