Whiterock Hells Angels Clubhouse

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At or about 21764 61 Avenue, Langley, B.C.


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Is this the New Piggy Palace?


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It sure has lots of security. Winnipeg Hells Angel and convicted drug dealer Ian Grant had similar security cameras. Here's a look inside his house.


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Hey wait a minute. Take a close look at that camera. What does it remind you of?


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It looks like the security camera to Jabba the Hut's Palace in Empire Strikes Back.

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Breaking News

The Men in Black, completely independent of the VPD and the RCMP sent an undercover agent of their own to crash the Hells Angels party. Here's a video clip and photos inside their clubhouse:

Just what we thought. This isn't Piggy's Palace, it's Jabba's Palace.

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Those Hell's Angels sure love their sex slaves

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Hi Vince. What were you doing

with 600 litres of date rape drug anyways?

Or is that Vince as in Vincenzo "Vinnie" Brienza? My bad.

Did the other Vince from the same chapter give you any GHB?

The Hells Angels and GHB Date Rape Drug

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