White Collar Murders, Suspicious Suicides and Fired Whistle Blowers

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John Wheeler Gary Webb Brian McAdam

When reading about John Wheeler's murder and Brian McAdam being fired for being a whistleblower and hearing Catherine Austin Fitts discuss Garry Web's credibility, I thought I'd start a new page with each of these three individuals heading a unique but related category.

White Collar Murders

John Wheeler was a former high ranking Pentagon official who was murdered. Ralph Boger as well as Fred Alvarez and his girlfriend Patty were murdered on the Cabazon Indian Reservation with regards to the INSLAW affair. Ralph was a Hells Angel. Those attacking Fred's character claimed he was a Hells Angel as well. In fact  Glen Heggstad, one of the three individuals accused of hiring hitman Jimmy Hughes to murder Ralph and Fred, was also a Hells Angel. It most certainly wasn't over playing Bingo on the reservation. Another military murder was Colonel James E. Sabow. John Wheeler by the way, worked for MITRE which is a CIA subsidiary.

Suspicious Suicides

We know Gary Webb is not the only person investigating CIA wrongdoing to suffer from a suspicious suicide. Off the top of my head I can think of three other cases. Danny Casolaro, Dr. David Kelly and the Mena murders originally ruled as suicides by the crooked corner Fahmy Malak who was caught falsifying death certificates and tampering with evidence. Malak was supported by Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. When you think about it, there is a whole list including Barry Jennings and Kenny Johannemann. Danny Casolaro's investigations included the BCCI bank scandal which was of course tied to the Bush Administration and also affected England. After all, has there been a mayor bank or investment fraud in the United States that the Bush family haven't been involved in? Don't worry, George's pal Bill has his own share of investment scandals called Whitewater. In fact a lot of the Clintons' friends and associates have died of mysterious deaths.

Fired Whistle Blowers

Firing a whistle blower is certainly not as dramatic as murdering them or faking their suicide. However, it does have relevance as to the fact that they were fired for exposing government wrong doing and they under went a character assassination as a result. Stephen Harper fired a dozen whistleblowers already. Brian McAdam's case is interesting because it is tied to organized crime in Canada.


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