One step forward two steps back

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Stephen Harper met with Eileen Mohan yesterday but he sure didn’t listen to everything she said. Harper introduces anti gang legislation increasing the penalty for drive by shootings and gang violence. One step forward. Then he has the childish audacity to threaten the opposition with another election. Idiot! Stop saying that. Harper is just as guilty as all the others for the circus in Ottawa Eileen Mohan talked about. Everyone fighting over who gets to be Prime Minister while nothing gets done.

We just spent all that money on another early election because Harper wanted to get more seats so he could "govern." Unfortunately the way he says it, it sounds like a monarchy. Canadians didn’t give him a majority government because they don’t trust him with one for obvious reasons. They don’t trust any of the parties with a majority government. We don’t need extremism at this point.

Harper addresses parliament with the same arrogance as a majority government who can and do steam roll over the opposition without giving what they have to say the time of day. That precedent is wrong but he doesn’t even have a majority government he has a minority government. Less than half of Canadians voted for his party.

If a minority government is to form the government they must unite with at least one other party to form that government. It does not mean you keep bullying them over and over again. In a minority government, there is absolutely nothing stopping the other parties from uniting and forming the government. The key word there is uniting.

Then the opposition seizes the opportunity to join the political parade of self promotion and argue the proposals don’t go far enough. Kind of like the Liberals drama last session when they walked out and refused to vote on anti crime legislation after broadcasting that Harper was wrong on crime.

Once again the new anti gang legislation is a step forward. Three cheers. The bullying of the opposition and the opposition’s criticisms for self promotion are two steps back and we still haven't dealt with the B.C. judges' refusal to enact the current criminal organization legislation.

Now we have the opportunity for another step forward with the new legislation about drug crime. However, there are concerns with the legislation in it’s present form. It is prudent and in the nation’s best interest if the minority government accepts an amendment to the legislation from the opposition to resolve the concerns with it so it may be passed in the House.

Don’t forget, even if you did get a majority government you still have to get it passed in the Senate and don’t you dare breath Brian Mulrony and talk about stacking the Senate again. That is an offense to democracy.

There is a growing movement pushing for the legalization of Marijuana. Although I don’t agree with the complete legalization of Marijuana, a democratic leader would recognize the strong feelings of many and make a compromise instead of coveting more seats to steam roll over them.

There is a huge difference between marijuana and the other drugs like crack cocaine and crystal meth. Huge difference. The anti drug legislation needs to recognize that difference. Mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of marijuana is insane.

There is a financial concern with throwing everyone in prison. It is not fiscally responsible. The urgency is to deal with the violence and getting the hard drugs off the street. That is urgent. The new legislation does not make that distinction.

Let’s start a new precedent. Let’s lose the arrogance. Let’s lose the self promotion and lets start doing what’s in the nation’s best interest. Wouldn’t that be novel? Pass the anti gang violence legislation and accept an amendment to the anti drug legislation so that it may pass this time. Refusing to accept the amendment is just plain arrogance.

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