Hells Angel Patchovers

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Plastic Turncoat Patchovers are a blight on society. They're a bad plague like leprosy, aids or bubonic. A patchover is someone from another club who gets a free pass to trade their old colours in for Hells Angels colours. Not only are they betraying their own crew but they are plastic patch holders not having earned them. Chris Hudson from Australia was a prime example. He sold out his local crew for a new Harley. There is no honour in that. Bragging abut being a patchover is like bragging about having aids.

Ontario Hells Angels are patchovers. They did not earn their colours. They were given colours for betraying the Outlaws who still have more respect than the turncoat patchovers will ever have. Here's the pattern. Hells Angels boldly declare we are nice guys. We aren't criminals. Then they murder or threaten any witness who dares testify against them including women and children. There is no bravery in that.

Hells Angels want respect but no one respects a bully. History is full of shining examples of bravery where individuals outnumbered stood against the odds and win or lose made a stand. We will not bow down to Rome was the noble chorus. Take the Spartans for example. Outnumbered by far they made a stand. That is noble. Selling crack and murdering witnesses is not noble. Not at all. Did ya see that bizarre dead head they pulled out of the Toronto Hells Angels clubhouse? That looked like something right out of Lord of the Flies. Deranged.

The Rock Machine was noble. They stood apart from the Big Red Machine and said we will not bow to you. Unmfortuantely the Quebec biker war was over drugs. The same thing now in Winnipeg. Drugs and betrayal. Greed. That is not noble. Regardless, will the Princess Patchovers please shut up. You don't find respect in a pill or buy it in a can.

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