Chris Mohan Memorial Birthday Mass

May 31 2008

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First the Priest dedicated the Mass. The Mohans are Roman Catholic and this is how they chose to remember Chris on what would have been his 23rd birthday.


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MP Bruce Ralston was the MC for the rally again as he was for the last one.

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Chris's sister spoke


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Chris's cousin spoke


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Chris' mother spoke. She recited how on Chris' last birthday he said we can't do this next year. Why not she asked. I'll be 23 next year he said, that'll be too many candles. 19 days later he was dead. They did have a cake for him today and there were no candles on it. The candles were those of prayerful memorial at his grave side.


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MP Ed Fast noticed that all federal and provincial political parties were present. He said that meant to him that there was something that all the parties agreed on. They might not agree on how to address the problem but all parties being present showed that there was something all the parties agreed on.


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Penny Priddy rose to the plate. I remember speaking with her at Dianne Watts crime prevention coalition press conference. She said she was there as a mother and when it comes to crime she is more right wing than her political opponents.


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The solicitor general of B.C. was there. He assured us that addressing gangs and organized crime was the government's top priority. Quite a change from some of the wet noodle comments coming out of the Campbell government through Wally Oppal but talking the talk is indeed the first step in walking the walk.


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Powerhouse Carol James spoke. She also spoke as a mother of two and expressed her empathy of how deep this kind of tragedy hits a mother.


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Steve Brown gave a powerful talk. This time he didn't pull any punches and he pointed a finger. He said he wanted the premier of B.C. to stand up and say he is going to make public safety a priority for his government. Steve went as far as to say he wanted the premier to declare war on gangs and organized crime. He said that Eilleen carries the grief of every law biding citizen in B.C. and he carries the anger. He said it is time we admit that the situation is out of control and not just a small problem.

Citing the evil that we face he called upon the federal government to intervene and used a powerful analogy. What if an outside enemy invaded our country and took over? Would not that insurgency be a matter of National Security? He called upon us to wake up and recognize the crisis so we can properly respond to it. There has been four time the casualties in B.C. per capita to gang violence as there has been Canadian casualties in a real war in Afghanistan.

Declaring war on gangs and organized crime is not a phrase we in Canada are comfortable with. Maybe Steve will be next to get shot for making such a bold claim. Maybe I will for making this web site. Maybe you will. Yet the fact remains that until we address the situation none of us are safe. Not you, not I and certainly not our children. In the words of Thomas Paine, "Gentlemen may cry peace peace but their is no peace, the war has already begun. I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."

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