The Kerry Committee:

Will the real draft dodger please sit down

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Before we dive into the Kerry committee, let's remember one thing. John Kerry was a Vietnam vet. George Bush was a draft dodger. Let us remember how the Florida election was fixed and how the frog like apathy is currently choking the liberty of the West unconscious. After all, they say the first casualty of war is the truth. The truth is, Garry Webb was a credited journalist. The truth is he didn't discover the CIA crack Contras connection, he brought it back 10 years later after the truth was crushed. Gary Webb met the same fate as the reporters who covered the Kerry Committee but Martin Luther King has declared that truth crushed to the earth will rise again. That is a law of physics. No lie can live forever.

Darkness can hide the truth but it can not extinguish it. Please be advised that this paper is not an endorsement of the Democrats over the Republicans. It illuminates the corruption in both and is a call to those who cherish freedom to wake up. There was a Congressional Hearing on the CIA's involvement with drugs, weapons and the contras back in the /80's. John Kerry was the chair and commented on the finding of that hearing when Dateline did a news clip on Gary Webb's discoveries. Gary Webb was the one who discovered which U.S. drug dealers were dealing the crack imported from the Contras.

When Gary Web was rediscovering the findings of the Kerry Committee, he tracked down Dennis Ainsworth a San Francisco Contra supporter named in a 1987 FBI interview who claimed that Norwin Meneses and a Contra leader named Enrique Bermudez were dealing arms and drugs. In his book Dark Alliance, Gary Webb records Ainsworth as stating: "You've got to be crazy he said. He'd tried to alert people to this ten years ago and it had ruined his life. 'Nobody in Washington wanted to look at this. Republican, Democrat, nobody. They wanted this story buried and anyone who looked any deeper into it got buried along with it,' Ainsworth said. 'You're bringing up a very old nightmare. You have no idea what you're touching on here, Gary. None at all.'

'I think I've got a pretty good idea,' Gary said. 'Believe me,' he said patiently, 'you don't understand. I almost got killed. I had friends in Central America who were killed. There was a Mexican reporter who was looking into one end of this, and he wound up dead. So don't pretend that you know.' 'If the Contras were selling drugs in L.A., don't you think people should know that?' Ainsworth laughed. 'L.A.? Meneses was selling it all over the country! Listen, he ran one of the major distributions in the U.S. It wasn't just L.A. He was national. And he was totally protected.'"

Credited reporter Bob Parry covered the story. Gary Webb contacted him and asked for his guidance. Parry asked Webb "How well do you get along with your editors?" "Fine says Gary. Why do you ask?" "Well when Brian and I were doing these stories we got our brains beat out. People from the administration were calling our editors, telling them we were crazy, that our sources were no good, that we didn't know what we were writing about. The Justice Department was putting out false press releases saying there was nothing to this, that they'd investigated and could find no evidence. We were being attacked in the Washington times. The rest of the Washington press corps sort of pooh-poohed the whole thing, and no one else would touch it. So we ended up being out there all by ourselves, and eventually our editors backed away completely, and I ended up quitting the AP. It was probably the most difficult time in my career."

"Bob Parry wasn't some fringe reporter. He's won a Polk Award for uncovering the CIA assassination manual given to the Contras, and was the first reporter to expose Oliver North's illegal activities." The reason I bring this up is not to obsess over a trivial skeleton in the closet that happened a long time ago. I bring it up because it clearly defines a pattern of corruption that appears to continue in various outrageous forms today.

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