The History of CIA Corruption

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It’s hard to conceive that the CIA didn’t exist until 1947. I am amazed at how powerful and how corrupt the CIA has become in such a short period of time. However, looking at the history of the CIA one can clearly see that it has always been corrupt.

During WWI and WWII intelligence was a good thing to have. The more you knew about your enemies’ plans, the better prepared you were to defend against them. However, the CIA wasn’t formed until after the war. Some may argue that the intent was to acquire intel to avoid future wars but I submit that is far from what they do.

After it’s formation, the CIA’s first order of business was to establish Operation Gladio in Europe with the assistance of MI6. The BBC reported that Operation Gladio was a secret army operated by the CIA and MI6 through NATO which killed hundreds of innocent Europeans and attempted to blame the deaths on Baader Meinhof, Red Brigades and other left wing groups:

Operation Northwoods was the first breakthrough in declassified documents describing the CIA’s proposals to commit false flag acts of terrorism in the United States and blame them on Cuba to justify invading Cuba during the missile crisis. The proposal made it all the way up to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Louis Lemnitzer.

Kennedy said no. Allen Dulles was fired as CIA Director over the Bay of Pigs and General Lyman Lemnitzer was removed as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Interesting to note that Lemnitzer was not fired. He was reassigned. From 1963 to 1969 Lemnitzer became the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO in Europe.

So here we have it. We have an insane general who wants to kill innocent Americans and blame it on Cuba to justify invading Cuba who gets transferred to Europe where he gets to implement the plan by killing innocent Europeans and blame it on the enemy in Operation Gladio. Interesting to note that the false flag murders in Operation Gladio didn’t really start until 1968 but escalated in the /70’s and /80’s.

There are two aspects of CIA corruption I will cite at this time. The first is the established tradition of false flag murders. Operation Northwoods was the plan but Operation Gladio was that same plan implemented in Europe. The USS Liberty was another example of a false flag attempt to kill their own soldiers and blame it on an enemy to justify invading the Middle East.

The USS Liberty was fired upon and almost destroyed by Israel right before the 6 day war in the Golan Heights. Many speculated that Israel knew it was a well marked US Ship in international waters and wanted it destroyed so they could proceed with their invasion. However that theory doesn’t make sense. Why would they fire upon an ally?

The answer comes much later when we discover that two US Air Craft Carriers heard the distress calls from the USS Liberty and sent air support which was recalled by President Johnson. To the commander’s protests President Johnson stated: "I want that g.. damn ship going to the bottom. No help. Recall the wings." Israel acting under the direction of the US President makes much more sense:

The first aspect of CIA corruption is the false flag practice of murder to get gain. The second aspect of CIA corruption is the continued Iran Contra affair in an ongoing guns for drugs campaign that ravished the United States in the /80’s and could possibly be ravishing Canadian cities now. After all, the CIA operates chiefly outside of the US.

The ground breaking revelation about the drug corruption within the CIA came with veteran reporter Gary Webb’s three articles published in the San Jose Mercury News August 1996. He claimed that the CIA were the driving force behind the Crack epidemic of the /80’s. The news was met with outrage. Protests were held and the director of the CIA responded by holding a public meeting in LA.

Understandably, Gary Webb’s allegations were met with fierce opposition and denial. His paper ended up back peddling on the story but Garry Webb stood firm and documented everything in his book Dark Alliance. Eventually Gary Webb lost his job and ended up committing suicide. So we are told. Mind you it’s pretty hard to shoot yourself in the back of the head twice. Nevertheless Gary’s wife confirms the suicide story by stating he left a note and was sad because he couldn’t get a job.

It’s possible Gary did commit suicide. If he did, that certainly would not refute the facts in his book only a human discouragement with the opposition he faced. It is also possible he was murdered. I think the CIA are more than capable of forging a suicide note and it would not be the first time the corner falsified a death certificate changing a murder into a suicide:

The fact remains that his book created quite a controversy and the Director of the CIA held a public meeting in LA as a direct result to appease public outrage. However, at that meeting a former LAPD officer took the mike and said "I can tell you that the agency has been dealing drugs in LA for years." The crowd was astonished and outraged:  

Former LAPD officer Mike Rupert was the second witness of the CIA connection to illicit drugs. Cele Castillo was the third.

Former DEA Agent Cele Castillo confirmed the CIA drug smuggling operation at Ilopango Air force Base in El Salvador. He said it was done so blatantly that the CIA had to have known about it. US Military planes would arrive with guns for the rebels and leave filled with cocaine to be taken back to the US. He complained to his superior who he claims said there was nothing he could do in that it was a covert CIA operation and his hands were tied:

So that’s three witnesses to the CIA drug connection: Gary Webb, Mike Rupert and Cele Castillo. The fourth is Judge Bonner who appeared on 60 minutes:

Edward P. Cutolo is yet another:

US Congresswoman Maxine Waters wrote the forward to Gary Webb’s book and stated: "This book shows how the LA crack market flourished through a breathtaking combination of government negligence, greed and criminal conduct. It also demonstrates that the U.S. government agencies, including the CIA, the DEA and the FBI were aware of the activities of this well-connected drug network throughout it’s long existence and did little or nothing to stop it. Indeed, in several instances documented here the Justice Department, the CIA and the secret National Security Council unit run by Oliver North, took extraordinary steps to protect the ring from public exposure."

In memory of Gary Webb let us acknowledge that the Iran Contra Affair did happen. In his trial Oliver North declared that "I was authorized to do everything that I did." The many witnesses that have stepped forward after Gary Webb’s book came out simply testify that the Iran Contra affair never stopped. This all falls within the realm of believability. After all they were caught red handed in Miami:

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