Kelowna Summer Jam 2012

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No, the Kelowna Summer Jam isn't a music festival. This summer jam is a spotlight on organized crime in Kelowna. The heat is on in a very big way and I'm not just talking about the sunshine. I'm talking about a series of outrageous acts that are naturally drawing a lot of media attention to crime in Kelowna and how it affects all of us. [Kelowna Summer Jam Poster]

Killing Geoff Meisner and Brittany Irving was pretty outrageous. That had nothing to do with killing a police informant and had everything to betraying a brother and a sister in the name of greed, then lying about it afterwards. Geoff did not steal anything from anyone. Brittany was not a rat. This needs to be addressed. Beating Dain Philips to death with baseball bats and hammers was an outrageous extreme that speaks for itself. Using the Hells Angels name and reputation to murder a good father trying to make the peace in a highschool beef. That is something the Hells Angels never should have got involved in. Robert Thomas is a petty thief from Ontario. The Hells Angels should not be fitting his lawyer's bill. That is condoning the outrageous act as an organization.

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Dain Philips and Brittany Irving's murder trials will clearly bring these outrageous acts to the public attention. Yet the Summer Jam goes beyond that. It's a spotlight on all Organized Crime in Kelowna. Starting with car thieves and break and enters to crack dealer and violent take overs of grow ops to supporting bad businesses that are involved with or support murders.

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*** David Giles - BUSTED! ***


Spotlight on Kelowna Crime

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Car theft: Car theft is pretty low life. Usually it's just a bunch of kids or meth heads. Reporting a car thief to the police most certainly isn't being a rat. Stealing someone's car is.
Break and enter: Breaking into someone's house and stealing their property is even lower.
Motorcycle theft: Stealing someone's motorcycle is as low as you can go.
Crack dealers: Crack dealers are pretty messed up.
Meth dealers: Meth heads look like they have aids. Meth labs pollute the environment.
Prostitution: Forced prostitution is messed up. Killing prostitutes is deranged.

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