Harper Drops the Ball

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How could he? Everything was set. The stars were aliened. The Vancouver gang war has created a public outcry for law and order legislation and a conservative government was our best chance at finally making some positive change and restoring justice to the Liberal injustice system.

Yes we need mandatory minimum sentences. For violent crime. For trafficking hard drugs. Not for smoking pot. Someone just isn’t listening and the country will suffer as a result. Harper and Ignatieff both covet power. Kindergarten kids daring each other to call another election because Harper wants to govern and Ignatieff wants to be Prime minister. Once again it’s all about them while the people, the voters who elect these idiots are once again left on the wayside.

We need mandatory minimum sentences for trafficking cocaine and for selling crack. No question. Taking that to the other extreme and imposing mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of pot will see the bill fail and it will be Harper’s fault for refusing to take an amendment on the motion.

Harper is using our misfortune to promote himself. They all are. Harper even used Eileen Mohan as a human shield against the opposition. Harper hid behind Eileen and said I double dare you to vote it down now. Harper thinks that if he can create enough public outcry against the other parties for voting against law and order legislation, he will get more seats in another election and be able to "govern" as he so frightenly calls it.

Stop calling elections and start doing what you were elected to do. You were not given a majority government for a reason. Canadians want you to start listening but you aren’t doing it. None of the parties are. That’s why Canadians don’t trust any of them with a majority government. We need to shun extremism and start doing what’s best for the country not for our own agenda.

Mandatory minimum sentences for violent crime. Yes! Mandatory Minimum sentences for trafficking cocaine. Yes! Mandatory minimum sentences for selling crack and crystal meth even if a small quantity. Yes! Mandatory minimum sentences for the possession of pot? No! Get off the crack and do what you were elected to do. Attack the dealers not the addicts and just leave pot alone for now.

God might forgive you if you drop the ball now and put your own agenda ahead of the country’s but we will not. We are the ones who have to live with your mistake. Take the amendment on the motion and press forward with law and order legislation. No more elections. Put the people before yourself for once.

One step Forward, Two steps back

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