Canada's Most Unwanted

America's most wanted is a list of fugitives on the lam. This is just a list of people of interest that in my opinion, Canada would be better off without. The gang registry is a popular page that needs to be organized. This page just highlights some of the displaced aggression society seems to be over looking.

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david_gilesbf.jpg (9865 bytes) Obviously the first on my list is David Giles, also known as Skeletor. His association with cocaine dealers is frustrating but this guy's biggest crime is being that butt ugly. He was caught on wire admitting that a cocaine dealer made him $30,000.00 in a few months. His lawyer said that only proves the cocaine dealer worked for Giles not that Giles was involved in the drug trade. Yet the lawyer failed to show what legitimate business they were involved in that generated that kind of revenue.

The other huge concerns about the Rusty Vibrator is his involvement in the leadership of the East Vancouver Hells angels who are actively involved in using violence to control the drug trade and have been on court record reported to hire contract murders. If the administration of a criminal organization hires a murder, I can't comprehend how that entire criminal organization isn't charged with murder or at least the administration of that criminal organization. If they hired a murder, there is no way the members would have done that without the administration's knowledge and approval.

robthomas.JPG (18899 bytes) The next on my list is another Kelowna Cyst and Hells angel member named Robert Thomas. Aside from needing some time on the stair master, this guy is pure evil. He is a petty thief by trade and bully by nature. In Ontario his previous convictions include: 1981, a break and enter and theft for which he received nine months; 1982, Sarnia, Ontario -- the other one was in Guelph, this one was in Sarnia, B and E, theft, nine months; 1984, Windsor, possession of stolen property, $75 and probation; 1985, possession of a narcotic for which he got an absolute discharge; 1985, B and E, six months, that was in Sarnia; and his last one in Ontario was in 1985, he got a possession of stolen property in Windsor for which he got five months and some concurrent time.

Yet the most disturbing charge is his recent involvement in the brazen murder of Dain Phillips in Kelowna where witnesses claimed they saw him and six others including another Hells angel and the president of the throttle lockers beat Dain Philips to death with baseball bats and hammers. That was deranged and demonstrates what a plague the Hells angels have become in our society.
halidiot2.jpg (17797 bytes) Next is Weird Hal Porteous. This guy's biggest crime is being such an idiot. A white guy wearing really stupid looking bling is rather humorous to say the least. Maybe he's overcompensating for his height. His famous I'm on a boat video was hilarious yet his more recent one shows his transformation from a nerd to a complete idiot. That one is priceless.

He was implicated in the Robert Shannon cross border conviction where Rob was convicted of running a cross border drug ring for the Hells Angels. Rob Shannon and Jody York were both in that stupid I'm on a boat video yet weird Hal wasn't even charged.

These three stooges comprise the top three of Canada's most unwanted. One is ugly, one is evil and the other is an idiot. In my opinion Canada would be far better off without them but there's more to come.


BruceSkruptak.JPG (10193 bytes) Then we have Joseph Bruce Skreptak. Another Kelowna Hells Angel we would be better off without. He owned a house with a grow op in it in Kelowna. He wasn't convicted because he said it was the tenants grow op not his. Even though his truck was parked outside with a Hells angels bumper sticker and even though there were Hells Angels support stickers inside the grow op.

He's more well knows for getting caught speeding through Salmon arm with a car load of weapons including kevlar, balaclavas and a cell phone jammer along with a few associates. It sure looked like they were on their way to do a grow rip. Shortly after they were caught, a grow op in Salmon Arm was abandoned and police seized seven kilos of cocaine.

He was also charged with break and enter and assault in Kelowna. They call him Bruce.

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