Peter Hewat is the Rat king

Yo bro, that is one Fat Rat

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Peter Hewrat of Roxburgh Park, is the Sergeant-at-arms for the Hells Angels East County Chapter in Campbellfield, Melbourne. That's the same chapter that kidnapped, gang raped and tortured that Melbourne girl. He has a long list of threatening witnesses and is connected at the hip with Stephen Rogers who is President of that Hells Angles chapter and pleaded guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Interesting folklore about rat kings. Peter Hewrat is the bully for the club that has a drug dealer as a president and a deranged psychopath as a senior member. Peter Hewrat has done his job well because although the Melbourne girl was awarded a token criminal compensation for her injuries, no one was charged or convicted even though everyone knows who he is and owns his own company. Sounds like Robert Picton's brother Dave doesn't it?


Please note that when I say Fat Rat I am by no means referring to Phat Rat from Black Wall Street. That brother is solid. Peter Hewat from Australia is fat but he certainly isn't phat. Fat Joe is Phat. Gotta love NYC and the Latino brothers. You don't see any of the Latino brothers doing the pig farm. They have honour. Word. Please also note that I am in no way referring to the other Peter Hewat from Australia who is an Australian rugby union player now playing in England's Guinness Premiership for London Irish. That Peter Hewat is awesome.

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