Patriot Hall of Fame

In this age of treason where patriots are treated like traitors and traitors are treated like patriots we need to remember who the real patriots in history are who kept their oath to preserve and protect the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic so we can do the same in this crucial hour. "Gentlemen may cry peace peace but their is no peace. The war is already begun."

Silenced: The War on Whistleblowers

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George Washington

Everyone agrees that George Washington and the founding fathers of the US Constitution are patriots. They all stood up for freedom and helped create a free republic guaranteeing religious freedom and civil liberty. George Washington, along with Ben Franklin were Freemasons. They did not strive to destroy the liberty of man they fought to preserve and protect it.

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine was another patriot who fought for freedom and wrote several papers that inspired the revolution for freedom in France and the United States. It has been said he was an atheist. If one reads his paper the Age of Reason, it is clear he wasn’t a complete atheist  although he did not believe in the creeds of any of the main religions on the earth - Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Yet he totally supported the freedom of religion. Thomas  Paine was a patriot.

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Irish Founding Fathers

Likewise, all of the signers of the Irish Proclamation of Independence as well as Michael Collins are patriots in every sense of the word who were executed for putting the dream on paper and defining their free republic. James Connoley  was a socialist who believed in protecting religious freedom and civil liberty within a free republic. Imagine that.

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Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was a patriot who was slandered for articulating his dream that one day the Constitution would become more than a nice piece of paper hanging on the wall. His dream was the the Constitution would actually be implemented and followed so that freedom could in fact ring from every mountain and molehill. He was shot dead by an assassin. U2 highlighted his story in their song Pride.

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Gary Webb

Award winning investigative reporter claimed the CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. I was bitterly persecuted for making the claim and documented everything in his book Dark Alliance. Ultimately he died of a suspicious suicide. He shot himself in the head twice. Years later he was vindicated as everything he said was true. Jeremy Renner from the Avengers made a movie about the Gary Webb story called Kill the Messenger. I released my e-book on the 10th anniversary of Gary Webb's murder tying in his work with mine.

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Dr. David Kelly

Dr. David Kelly was a British weapons inspector in Iraq. He leaked the information that MI 6 knowingly sent out false information to the press about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction under Operation Mass Appeal to rationalize the invasion of Iraq. He was found dead of a suspicious suicide. Six senior doctors have begun legal action to force a new inquest into his death.

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Danny Casolaro

Danny Casolaro was a reporter working on a story that exposed the government's involvement with organize crime in a bizarre web he referred to as the octopus. Shortly after meeting with a secret service agent he was found dead of a suspicious suicide and all the material he was working on mysteriously disappeared.

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Barry Jennings

9/11 witness testified to explosions going off in WT 7. Died of a suspicious suicide.

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Michael Ruppert


Former LAPD officer stood up and confirmed the Gary Webb story at a public meeting John Deutch, the Director of the CIA, held in LA to appease the public outcry. He was viscously persecuted and went into into hiding posting on his blog From the Wilderness. He ultimately died of a suspicious suicide after a documentary called Collapse was made about his life.

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Celle Castillo

Former DEA Agent confirmed the Gary Webb story and testified to the CIA's involvement with cocaine smuggling in El Salvador. He too was persecuted and ultimately imprisoned on a bogus charge for selling guns at a gun show without an obscure permit no one else there had. They even had the audacity to claim he was part of Operation Fast and Furious when he clearly was not.

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Thomas Andrew Drake Former NSA employee gone whistleblower who exposed the NSA's violation of the Constitution through unlawful surveillance of Americans cell phones and e-mail. For being a whistle blower and exposing unlawful conduct he was erroneously charged under the Espionage Act. His case was featured on a CBS episode of the Passionate Eye called Silenced: The War on Whistleblowers.

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Jesselyn Radack Former ethics adviser to the United States Department of Justice who became a whistleblower over the FBI's mistreatment of John Walker Lindh. She is a lawyer, blogger and  the director of National Security & Human Rights at the Government Accountability Project. She was also featured on  the Passionate Eye and is representing Edward Snowdon should he ever be allowed legal representation.

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Sibel Edmonds Former FBI translator  founder of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. She wrote two books and runs a blog called the Boiling Frog Post.

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Susan Lindauer CIA whistle blower who was a go between for dialogue between the US government an Iraq prior to the invasion.She has a pretty disturbing account of what really happened leading up to he invasion and was the first person to be incarcerated under the Patriot Act. To say that she was slandered is an understatement. She wrote a powerful book about her experiences called Extreme Prejudice.


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John Kiriakou Former CIA case officer. Was the first to reveal CIA Waterboarding. He was imprisoned for exposing the CIA's use of torture. He was also featured on the documentary Silenced.

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Al Martin

Former US Navy Intelligence officer gone whistle blower. Wrote a book called the Conspirators exposing how he was instructed by Jeb Bush to use investment fraud as a way to raise money for Iran contra. He also talked about the military fraud that went on in Huntsville, Alabama.


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