Dr Vernon Coleman publishes white paper on Covid-19

Dr Vernon Coleman from the UK is yet another medical doctor speaking up against the media's persistent misrepresentation of Covid. He has his own website and has published a white paper on the subject wherein he refers to Covid-19 as the greatest hoax in history.

Principia Scientific quotes Dr Coleman as stating that “The coronavirus is no more deadly than the flu- COVID19 is merely the annual flu season rebranded as deadly pandemic. Doctors and hospitals have been bribed with a ‘bonus’ for listing ordinary flu deaths and COVID19.”

Rebel News caught CBC red handed lying about the Covid hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They didn't make a mistake, they intentionally lied. Back in the day of investigative journalism that would have been unheard of. Now it is simply a method of operation. It's like the boy who cried wolf. The first time it happens people are shocked. When it keeps happening over and over again, the media outlets lose their credibility and people stop listening to them.

The media didn't just lie about Covid hospitalization rates in Manitoba. They lied about ICU rates in Edmonton and Ontario as well. They psychotically misrepresent case numbers at an obsessive rate. They're having dance parties and pool parties in Wuhan while China's state-run media keeps telling us the sky is falling run and hide. It has become a ridiculous hoax.

Dr Vernon Coleman also supports zinc as well as vitamin D and also opposes lockdowns. "I have since March 2020, described covid-19 as a disease which can be compared with the flu – but which has been blessed with better marketing." The flu rebranded.

"I am tired of the lies and misconceptions that have been spread about covid-19 during the last twelve months. I’ve lost count of the number of ways that politicians and journalists have attempted to mislead the public. One of the rustiest lies is that the number of people dying in the UK was far greater than normal last year – because of covid-19." That is false.

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson and the Justice Centre uncovered the same thing in Canada. They media claimed that over 10,000 seniors in care homes died from Covid last year but the same number of seniors died this year as the year before and the year before that. There wasn't 10,000 more seniors who died. That means they are falsifying the numbers.

Dr Vernon Coleman points out that during the Covis pandemic, there have been zero flu cases and zero flu fatalities. Zero. Now, every time a new flu virus shows up, they call it a mutated Covid-19 replication so they can keep us locked down forever. That is ridiculous.


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