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Gratitude and Inclusion

I'm celebrating Thanksgiving a week early this year because turkeys were on sale and I'm feeling it. Lately I've   been feeling a bit of discouragement but a lot of gratitude at the same time.
This Covid nonsense is ridiculous and these vaccine passports are absurd.

Yet I'm grateful to have an employer that does not require vaccine mandates, yet. I believe in the freedom to choose especially when it comes to medical treatment and I find the bizarre push and the misinformation about the vaccines irritating and insane.

Rand Paul is unvaccinated and so am I. We both have recovered from Covid and have natural immunity. I've never been anti vax before but I don't want a RNA vaccine. That is my choice. If that means people don't want to eat at the same restaurant as me then f*ck them. I'll stay home.

I've already frozen my gym membership over these stupid f*cking vaccine cards yet I am grateful I can still go to the supermarket to buy food without a vaccine card. A lot of people are choosing to lose their job over getting the vaccine. I admire them but I'm unable to emulate them. If my employer mandates it, I'm out of luck. I will be forced to comply but I am grateful my employer is not requiring it at this time. I'm also grateful I was able to get my surgery without the vaccine.

There is a lot of hate and misinformation in the media trying to trick us into hating Canada and hating America. I reject it. I am proud to be Canadian and am proud of my southern neighbors. For the most part. Liberals have lost their mind but that is their right. To each their own.

There is a lot of things I am grateful for right now but I won't list them because it's a bit TMI for the Internet. I want my private life private. Suffice it to say that gratitude is an important part of happiness. As TI said in Live Your Life "What you need to do is be thankful for the life that you've got. Stop looking at what you ain't got and start being thankful for what you do got."

Today I saw a video of someone going off about residential schools complaining about assimilation. Yet when you think about it the intent of assimilation is inclusion. One of the big criticisms of the government's handling of First Nations is shipping them to live on reservations. The residential schools tried to help the First Nations community be included within our society.

Now we have some people complaining about not including First Nations in our society and shipping them off to reservations while other people complain that we tried to include them within our society. Clearly it is a no-win situation. Some people will complain no matter what you do.

When we talk about assimilation, that is actually the goal of the American melting pot. The goal of the Canadian mosaic is different. Our goal is to celebrate our diversity. We are different but we are united by a common goal. We are one in purpose. Here civl liberty is protected by law.

We oppose slavery and aspire to a free society built with hard work and good will recognizing the rule of law because lawlessness brings chaos and misery. We aspire to something higher

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