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Covid Crime: Probability and Statistics

There's a branch of mathematics called probability and statistics. When I was young, I was excited to experiment with this theory on a gambling wheel called crowns and anchors. Suffice it to say that I learned the hard way it did not apply to that since the wheels at the PNE were rigged.

Nevertheless, several years ago there was a popular TV show called Numbers where a mathematician would solve crimes using probability​ and statistics. The odds of such and such happening was a coincidence became highly unlikely.

Yesterday I mentioned that I ran into my old boxing coach who told me that his 22-year-old sparring partner died of a heart attack shortly after receiving the covid vaccine. A week later his own uncle died of a stroke shortly after receiving the Covid vaccine.

Well today I started thinking. There was a 37-year-old woman who recently came back to work after experiencing a heart attack. Today I asked her about it. Did you get the vaccine? Yes. How long before your heart attack? Two weeks.

Although those were the same questions her cardiologist asked her, there is no way of proving her heart attack, or that of my coaches sparring partner, was related to the vaccine. Yet it is a concerning statistic. Especially when adverse reactions to the vaccine are being hidden. When you start adding up the cases, the odds of them all being unrelated to the vaccine is unlikely.

Drea Humphrey from Rebel News recently did a story about the open letter from a group of health care workers in the Okanagan expressing their concerns about the province's handling of Covid 19 and the principle of informed consent. Drea interviews Dr. Stephen Malthouse about his concerns who is also with the Canada Health Alliance.

Tamara Ugolini from Rebel News recently interviewed Dr. Byram Bridle, leading viral immunologist and vaccinologist on COVID-19 vaccines about his concerns.

Gina Gold, a Molecular Biologist Speaks At Dawson Creek City Council Meeting

Alberta Children's Hospital doctors write letters opposing vaccine mandate: "Dr. Eric Payne and Dr. Michael Vila wrote in their respective letters they are unvaccinated against COVID-19. They both characterized COVID-19 vaccines as experimental and call vaccine effectiveness and safety into question." B.C. nurses’ union oposes vaccine mandate.

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